Preparing for a return to summer, if only for one day

I can’t wait for  morning.  After freezing temps and cold, rainy days we are being told to expect 70 degree weather — for one day only.  I have so many things I want to get done outdoors.  Just in case the weather isn’t as glorious as expected I got a head start today with the help of a little guy who needed an over-nighter with his grandma.

The wildflowers have had their season.  They are all dead and needed pulled out.

He may not have the patience for planting but when it comes to destruction, he’s my go-to guy.

It’s been just about 24 hours since we had rain, so I ventured out with my grandson to start removing the dead wildflowers.  Unfortunately, I didn’t wait long enough.  Just when I was asked to assist, I got stuck in the mud.  Thankfully, a neighbor came to my rescue.  Clearing continued.

Checked the gardens.  The remaining two melons have been damaged by the frost along with the last of the peppers in both plots.  I actually found several strawberries nearly ripe.  I’m guessing the leaves have been protecting them some as it’s the only thing not killed by the colder temps.

Of the flowers we have one wildflower that has somehow grown outside the originally seeded area and is hanging on, and a few blossoms on the Black-eyed Susan.  One hosta began to flower this past week, but even that couldn’t stand up to the frost. Maybe next year.

Tomorrow I’ll be planting another mum, and hoping this one won’t be eaten by the wildlife like the other three, I also have 24 tulip bulbs in various shades and 12 daffodil bulbs to get in the ground.    I need to collect clippings, leaves and pine needles to cover the beds in for winter.  Yep, I’ve waited til the last minute here.

There are still 2 chairs being prepped for paint, while not good with a paint brush, he still hasn’t lost his gusto for any thing involving sandpaper.

Sorry I couldn’t get him to slow down enough to get a non-blurry picture.

We spent the evening making crafts and playing games.  He is eager to work on crafts, but doesn’t have the patience to sit for long. The crafts should be done tomorrow before he goes home.  I found an old sheet of printer paper (I almost wrote typing paper, can you tell I’m up there in age? 🙂 ) we then folded and cut to make snowflakes, which he then began the process of coloring them in.  We also used toilet tissue tubes for another craft, which I will share with you tomorrow when I get it photographed.

And finally I got help adding a few fabric leaves to the screen door. Now I just need to get the front window set up for fall.


    • You can’t imagine. He loves it. He has a very short attention span for most things, but he could sand for hours on end. He is even great about making sure he goes in the direction of the grain and watches to get just the finish off by touching it to see how it feels. I have a blast with him, well I have fun with all the kids as I love watching them find things they enjoy doing.


    • Sure! He also loves to clear fallen limbs and pick up trash anywhere he finds it. Not so good on the planting side, that’s his sisters passion, but if you aren’t looking for detail work (like painting) he’s your guy.


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