Celebration that means an end to summer, or freezing for free fun

This weekend is homecoming weekend for our local university.  The whole town comes out for the activities along with returning alumni.  One family  hosts and annual Kegs and Eggs benefit breakfast on homecoming Saturday before the parade. There is music, golf, and plenty of bar events.  I’m not one for the bar events, don’t gulf.. but promise to take the grand daughter to the parade each year.

Up and out the door by 9:30 am in 45 degree temperature, I packed blankets and hot drinks, oh and I also dug out the gloves as I hate freezing hands.  Each year the parade has a different theme. This year it was Get Your Game On.  With that the floats are designed and presented for awards.

I had my first real introduction to the politics this year with many running handing out free items to try and get your vote.

My grand daughter likes seeing the King and Queen and their court because the women wear crowns, she calls them Princesses and waves excitedly to them. The other thing that gets her smiling and excited are the bag pipes, of which there were three bag pipe performances to watch. I don’t know what it is about the sound of a bagpipe, but I have always loved them myself.

Here are a few of the highlights from our morning.

Our university has a huge disabled population and is represented each year.

I guess snowboarding is a game.

Scrabble, my favorite board game.
Leave it to college students to choose to represent video games in this years parade.
Is it a parade without clowns?
Yep, even had a live DJ who invited everyone out into the street to dance with him.
the little one asked why the horses had bags on their butts, guess it’s their way of not having to clean up after them. I’d never seen this before have you?

There were plenty more including my boys’ favorite game (when little) represented on a float:  Rockem’ Sockem’ Robots!  It was actually well done and I hope won for best float.

For those of you who don’t know what I meant.

We came home with a bag of candy, two balloons, coupons for two free games of bowling at the local lanes, two kids football hats, and I even came away with a package of forget-me-not seeds for spring.  Yep, I froze, this house plant doesn’t do well sitting around in windy forty degree weather, but it was free and a little girl was so happy I’m glad I kept my promise to attend with her.
Well, I’m finally thawing out, time to put the last touches on the entertainment center so I can share the transformation with you tomorrow.  Hope you are having a good weekend.



    • It’s fun every year. The university has so much to offer the town, and vice versa. We benefit from science museums, a planetarium with free weekly shows, musical and theatrical performances. For me it’s the perfect blend of small rural town and having a little culture without the huge population that comes from living in a city.


    • We do too. We don’t go to many, but there are a few we make this is a never miss for us. The next one will be the Christmas parade where the ladder truck from the volunteer fire department leads the way with Santa on the back. They meet at one end of downtown and have the children follow to the fire hall. As they go down the main streets each holiday display on the street lights light up. Then at the fire hall the families get hot chocolate and cookies to enjoy with the children. The kids love it.


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