Autumn in living color

I wanted to share a little of autumn with you from my corner of the world. I wish there was a way I could share the smells of the crisp fall air, or the sounds of the fallen leaves as the wind blows them around or as they crunch under foot.  Hope you enjoy these.

Here is just one side of a porch which is decorated year round by the home owners.

Above: fallen pine needles along the sidewalk

From directly across the street from my apartment:



  1. Autumn is really a beautiful time of the year as your pictures show. I know what you mean about sharing the smells. I was thinking the same thing the other day when I was in our backyard where the walnuts have been falling. The smell of black walnuts means fall to me because we had a tree in our yard when I was growing up. I love that smell. (Although, I don’t love the taste of them.)


    • Thank you. It was so beautiful out, just right to wear a light jacket that I decided to take a leisurely ride on my chair through town as I paid my two bills due the beginning of the month. Those were the things I noticed and thought others might enjoy.


    • I do hope you get to enjoy the colors soon. I was so concerned we wouldn’t have any as so many of our trees and leaves were dying as early as July from the intense heat and drought conditions. Must be why I felt the need to spend time out there checking each one out.


  2. One of my daily joys is driving my two daughters to school in the mornings. The sun is just coming up, and both coming and going I get to see this one magnificent tree, all lit up in orange. I’m always wishing I had a camera with me, but of course, that wouldn’t be good for me to be driving while taking pictures!


    • I know exactly what you mean. This past week I wanted to yell stop as the children were enjoying the fall leaves and have them repeat what they just did so I could have a photo to remember the season. Not exactly living spontaneously that way though so I miss the photo opportunity. I know you can’t take a photo of your tree while driving but how I wish I could see it too.


    • Aren’t they beautiful. When I moved away a few times it was those colors of autumn I missed most. Having warm weather year round and no snow to shovel is nice, but not enough to give this up. My favorite is probably the reds of the maple trees.


      • I was saying this just the other day: My favorite is when the green maple hasn’t turned all the way, but the green fades into orange, and the tips fade into red. But when that tree is next to an evergreen and a deep burgundy oak, those color combinations all together are my very very favorite!


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