Avoiding the blahs on a gloomy day

When you can’t go outside for long because it won’t stop raining and have a 4 year old visiting how do you spend your day.  You pull out the books and crafts. This turned into a good day to finish a project I put aside that was being tossed out, unfortunately it wasn’t the large entertainment center sitting in my apartment.

How do you hang up your hoodie once you come in out of the cold?

The new tables I picked up out of someone’s trash Saturday were a welcome addition in the little one’s eyes. She found a use right away for one.

makes working a puzzle on a bed easier

Also great for making a new present.  She found this in the craft drawer and decided it was my Christmas present.  She colored it and gave it to me wishing me a “Happy Christmas”

Then it was on to a project I saved from ending up in the trash.  Here it is almost completed, the way I found it.

Panda stuffed and ready to attach arms, legs and make the eyes

She helped sew on the arms and legs, then found a nubby multi-color yarn in the bag this came in.  She over-ruled my idea for eyes and using a crochet hook, (yarn was too thick to go through eye of any yarn needles I have), made her own eyes.

You love something you make yourself more than some thing you buy

I’d say she did a great job, but the most important thing is she is proud of herself.  She decided the panda makes a great pillow as well and is sleeping with him tonight.

Back to other crafts, I showed her how to trace her hand and make a turkey.  This was her finished project.

Colorful turkey 🙂

She made a few other pictures for mom, dad, and her brother.  After a simple supper, we played a few games and read several books then mom showed up to take her home.

Had I not gotten a call telling me she asked to spend the day with me I might have done very little as the lack of sunshine and rain made everything dark and gloomy. Instead I had a great day, maybe not productive in the normal sense of the word, but a lot of fun.



    • I have to agree 🙂 She first surprised me when she wanted to paint early this spring. I had been getting ready to paint the salvaged rocking chair. We stripped her to her undies and let her go at it. she was so happy and engrossed in the project there were no spills and no drips of paint any where. Since then we have been introducing her to a wide variety of crafting projects to see what she gravitates to. Her brother’s main interest is in sanding any projects I have, but when it comes to painting we can’t let him loose with a paint brush. She loses interest in the sanding side of things within a minute or two, just not creative enough for her.


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