Buying bar soap, here’s what I did with the box

I recently purchased a few bars of soap to get through the winter months as there are going to be plenty of days I just want to stay indoors and not have to shop.  I knew I could think of something to do with the box and came up with a winning idea. I had 20 minutes before my daughter-in-law was expected to pick me up to head out for groceries.  When completed I still had 12 minutes left to wait.   So here’s a no-sew project for your little ones.

My empty box, headed for the recycling bin if I don’t have a good idea

I rummaged quickly in my bag of fabric scraps and found two fabric pieces I liked and some wool batting for quilting.

couple of scraps from previous projects

I then removed the top portion of the boxI removed the end from the top piece I removed and stapled the box together. I would have used a glue gun, but I don’t have one.

Since the one end was attached to the top this needed to be reattached to the bottom of the box for this to work.

Here’s what it looked like now

Now using the fabric I covered the box stapling it in place.  I some how forgot to take a picture of this step.  Basically wrap it like a present using enough fabric to cover the insides as well.  This you can glue into place.

Next was the batting, I cut a square piece and folded it in twice to make a small square.

Fold this in half, then half again making a thick square

Then using a strip of pink fabric I wrapped the batting and stuffed it inside the box. I could have sewed the fabric on the batting and probably will later, but for now it is usable as is.

And this is the result.


A Princess bed with a comfy  mattress for a little girl

The only waste is this small piece of cardboard which will be put in my desk drawer for when I need a place to jot down a note to myself, or when I need something for another kids craft idea.

Can’t leave out the boys, next up will be a car garage for matchbox cars out of a soap box. I’ll share that when it’s completed.

What do you do with your soap boxes?






  1. Awwww, how sweet! I actually got tired of trying to find unscented soap that didn’t cost a fortune, so I went on eBay and bought a whole case of unscented glycerin soap for less than half the cost of the cheapest I can find in the stores. Each bar came wrapped in thin plastic, so alas, no soap boxes to get creative with. And I shouldn’t need to buy soap again for several years!


    • I finally put together a car garage for my grandson to drive and park his matchbox cars in out of another box so he wouldn’t feel left out. I won’t need to buy soap again for a while either. I bought a pack of 6 bars, but with just one person it lasts quite a while. I was being lazy and was tired of making my own soap with the free time I have from my other hobbies, like the furniture I keep finding so I bought a pack.


  2. How very cute! It’s just the sort of thing a little girl would love. And I think a little garage for a car would be great, as well.

    Small boxes I used to reseal up and give to my daughters for playing store. The same sort of idea you used would also make nice desk top organizers for paper clips, rubber bands and thumb tacks.


    • She loves her bed and has been playing with it every day. I just gave my grandson his garage from a soap box and he likes it but has asked me to find a bigger box so he can use it for his bigger cars! Now that they see you can make things from boxes he’s got all kinds of things he wants me to make him.


    • Children today have no idea what it was like for past generations. They had so little but loved and cared for every thing they were able to have. Your mother must have cherished it if she had it still to show you. What a special memory.


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