Down the Yellow Brick Road

Okay so it isn’t the yellow brick road, but here’s how we get around town.

Running all the way

For some reason the children enjoy running.  Today, in between the rain we decided to chance heading out to the library.  I live exactly 2 miles from our local library, the children decided they had to run the entire way to see if they could out run the fastest speed of my wheelchair.  They do this regularly.  Not sure why it’s so fun, but it is.

They ran all the way there, then headed to the water fountain, which for some reason is more fun than the stainless steel bottles we carry everywhere. Mom was drenched in sweat by the time we arrived, but the children were no worse off.

After choosing the books and movies for the week, the children again decided they  had to race grandma and again ran the whole way home.

Mom and I laughed all the way, although I could see mom was getting tired by the time we arrived home.  So not only did we have plenty of laughter, but so did a large number of other pedestrians and even some drivers who we happened to notice were pointing at the children and smiling.

Our day was complete, we made other people smile by us having some fun.

I sure wish I had that energy though.

Oh, and we only encountered a few sprinkles on the way back, the downpour was nice enough to wait till we were safely inside.



    • That’s why the adults are tired 🙂 It does amaze me at the unlimited energy they have. If you told an adult they were going to have a blast running 4 miles they would probably tell you they first weren’t going to run 4 miles and then that it wouldn’t be fun.


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