Never too early to think about spring

I’ve had a little break from the rain for a bit today, so with a little sunshine and warmer temperatures (in the mid 60s) I headed outside to check out what needed to be cleaned up in the Little Cove.

The more I get done now, hopefully the less I will  have to do in the spring.

This summer has been a learning experience for me.  I share my land with such a varied mix of wildlife that it’s been hard to choose what to plant and what not to.

First up were the hosta plants.  I split one large plant into two last year, and immediately the deer ate them down to the roots.  I didn’t give much thought to having hosta again here, but this year up sprang the first two and 5 more.  The only thing we can figure is that the deer in devouring them last year dropped some of the roots around the area, in some very nice spots as well I should add. The funny thing is non of the wildlife touched the hostas this year after devouring them last year.  Go figure.

One of the original plantings

The marigolds didn’t disappoint either, they are still holding on with the low temps.

marigolds surrounded by two new hostas, one can’t be seen well here, but it’s under the trees.

The wildflowers to attract the butterflies were late bloomers, mostly my fault I was late getting them in.  At first the new blooms were nibbled, then the animals left them alone they are still going strong even with the cold temperatures. They got quite high, and are a nice touch for a little privacy in the Cove. Directly behind these are a bench and 3 chairs, you can see one to the left.

There should have been a much larger variety but one plant seems to have taken over. Still looks nice to see from my window

The black-eyed Susan’s didn’t fair well, and died off pretty quickly

A few blooms left, I’m considering cutting them and bringing them indoors for a little fall color.

I took time to use some leftover paint from my grand daughters trim color in her new bedroom and replanted a few of the marigolds to dress up the bird feeder built by a neighbor.

We need to trim back a few of the sumac branches, but the birds are enjoying this already

I never got the chance to get into the weeds to the far side of the Little Cove, so unless we get more nice weather this will have to wait for spring for me to tackle.

I can picture some hydrangeas here not sure what else, along the one section we found blackberry vines, so I will need to address those as well in considering what to do with this section. You can see another new hosta on the lower right side of the picture.

Of course I don’t just pick up things around my own yard,  I found this near the beach and realized this would make a great addition for the holidays inside.  As I told my grand kids, I will be making this into a Holiday Tree in place of an actual tree.  I’ll let you think about that for a while, but when ready I’ll share how this turns out.

Can you picture it?

I got rained out and didn’t get much further.  I did find 4 more ripe strawberries, which I never had a chance to photograph as my grand daughter stopped by and I let her pick them.  She was so excited to find more she forgot until she popped the last one in her mouth to share, so I didn’t get a single one!

The biggest disappointment are our mums.  With the planter we pulled out of the dumpster and painted, I decided to add mums to the Little Cove.  Almost immediately the wildlife began munching away. I tried adding lime, but that only worked a few days.  We had 2 purple and one yellow plants here, it was gorgeous while it lasted.

So much for adding some fall blooms, live and learn I guess.

Other happenings today, my son and wife found an old Kirby vacuum cleaner in their house, it doesn’t suck much up, but my one neighbor enjoys tinkering with vacuums and saves every one he can find.  He was a little concerned to take this apart so he offered them a trade.  Let him try to replace the worn belt and he would sell them a Dirt Devil  he pulled out of the dumpster and repaired for $10.  They took the deal.  Here’s a dumpster find that now has a new home.

Pretty nice looking to have been tossed into a dumpster wouldn’t you say?

As you can see I still have quite a bit of weeding to do before I give up for winter.  What jobs need finished outside your home?



  1. Pretty much everything needs done outside. Cleaning up the beds for winter which sometimes I get to and sometimes I don’t. We have some cracks that need sealed in the driveway before it gets any colder and the mold needs to be washed off of the house. I think it’s time to get organized.


    • Lol I know what you mean. I rent and have most of those jobs, except the mold, I have moss that grows on the brick of the building. I cleaned it off when I moved here last summer, but it’s now starting to come back with all the rain. For the mold, I heard somewhere that copper strips will prevent mold from growing on your siding. I want to say the article said to put a thin strip on the gutters, but if you do a search you probably could find it.


  2. I need to get covers for the painted outdoor furniture, paint a small strip of trim around the garage door, and still have a lot of garden/orchard to harvest (1 pear tree, 1 plum tree, 2 apple trees, 1 crabapple tree, and our cranberries, plus a bunch of veggies from the garden).


    • I’d love to help you harvest those trees. I love cranberries maybe I need to plant some. Are they hard to grow? What a wonderful garden you have from the sounds of it, I could live off that and never see the inside of a grocery store again as I love fruit.


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