Getting caught up

With the cooler weather and my children now pretty much settled into their new home I had a couple of hours to myself and picked up a couple of books I have been hearing so much about.

In addition I’ve had time to catch up on a few projects that have been waiting for me to get to and calling my name pretty loudly.  So here’s what’s been going on around here.

It’s funny how I find myself having preconceived notions about what I expect from a book.  This week I found that of the two books I’ve read (okay I haven’t finished the second yet) I have been dead wrong about how I would feel about each one.

The first one, which I did finish was the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  I really wanted to like this book.  I think happiness is the most important ingredient in life.  I need humor and laughter around me most of the time because I love to laugh.  While this ended on a high note and I could finally see where she was going, the first half or more I kept repeating, “It’s not this complicated”.

I know this book is popular online, and I wonder if you have read it and what you thought of it?

The second book, which I am half way through is The $100 Start-Up by Chris GuillebeauI  was sure I was going to hate this book, but again so many people have talked about this book that I wanted to see what all the hype was about.  I have to say I am engrossed by this book and find myself nodding at some of the comments in it.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that I can see myself in some of the book, especially when he talks about having an idea but never getting it off the ground.  I’m famous for that.

Even with cold and rainy days, I haven’t spent all  my time  wrapped up with books.  There were plenty of other things waiting for me to attend to.

Yesterday, dil, the two grand children and I went into town to visit a consignment shop.  I told her before we left that I was still looking for a floor lamp for the one corner of my apartment and a 5 X 7 frame for a picture I was waiting to frame for my grandson of the Lion King.

I found both for a total of $13.  Not particularly thrilled with the gold on the lamp, but it was the size and shape I wanted, even had the swing arm that I had hoped to eventually find.  I have time to change the gold. I’m actually considering using fabric to cover the metal.  Have you ever tried that on a lamp? Think it would work?

She found a pair of Spiderman boots for $2, and a Frankenstein toy for 75 cents  for her son, a Cinderella dress and shoes for her daughter for $3 (although it needed a little mending and alteration to make it stay in place, but I took care of that last night) to add to her dress up collection and for Halloween, and a Barbie doll for $3.

She was a little disappointed with the cost of the doll but other than that was pleased with her purchases.

The winter boots or the Halloween costume (when you are told your child wants to be Cinderella) would cost more than she spent on every thing.








The kids were so excited they immediately had to try them on. Since there is no snow yet mud had to do.  Boys will be boys they say.

Do you remember the rocking chair I redid for the Little Cove?  With the damp and cold weather it has been relocated to my grand daughter’s bedroom. Only fitting since she was the one who painted it.  I brought the outdoor cushion in and with the mending I pulled out fabric I picked up earlier this summer for a dollar.  I only needed half of it to cover the cushion.   I think it’s going to be adorable in the her bedroom.  Here’s the before and after pictures of the cushion

This may have been for outdoors but it appears much more drab than when I first got it.

This is a Waverly fabric and is heavier than most fabrics, not as heavy as upholstery fabric.

I think this is much more fitting for a little girls room

I left the cushion as it was underneath so it could be uncovered and used outdoors again if they want.  I used a simple stitch that would be easy to remove with a seam ripper and used the original ties to secure to the rocking chair.

one corner showing the ties from the original cushion

The garden still needed to be checked

The rains were still holding off when I returned so out to the garden to see what might be ready.  It’s now a trickle but it’s something.  I found 3 ripe strawberries and 2 green peppers.  Snack time.

That was my Wednesday.  How was yours?  Any good ideas for what to do to my lamp other than paint it?  I’ve always painted lamps and am looking for something different.



    • It was a full day, and I think she’s cute too as Cinderella. It’s an easier costume to pull off than the Ariel as a Mermaid she originally said she wanted. She’s funny she loves bugs and dirt, but then has her girly-girl days. I nicknamed her my Tomboy Diva, but she got mad because she’s not a boy and told me I could call her my TomGirl Diva instead 🙂


  1. I don’t see why you can’t put fabric on the lamp. Especially if you glue it. Just make sure you find glue that works on fabric AND metal. I was a lazy butt today. Didn’t even write, though I did try. Just wasn’t working so decided I needed a day off. But I missed it. Sigh, sometimes it’s just not fun being lazy 😉


    • That’s what I’m thinking, although I was thinking of making a sleeve and because of the swing arm I don’t think I would have to glue it, I’ll run it through my brain, it will be a winter project for me.

      I was wondering why I hadn’t gotten an email with your latest story 🙂 we all have those days, believe me I know.


  2. I don’t know what ideas you have that don’t get off the ground, but judging from what you blog about, you have plenty of ideas that you do follow through with. You should be proud of your productivity. Good luck with the lamp. Right off, I don’t have any new thoughts.


    • Thanks, but I do have plenty that never make it to production. The latest was a seat for an infant. I hate the ones in the stores for little one’s not quite ready to sit on their own. My design was one that could be used in a shopping cart, chair, those high chairs in restaurants…. It had enough padding to make it comfortable yet was easy to adapt to any kind of chair/seat and keep the child upright. Maybe one of these days. My youngest son and his wife are talking about having their second child, maybe that will motivate me to make it and have them try it out.

      Thanks, when I figure out what I want to do with the lamp I’ll take a picture and let everyone see it to give me their opinions. I’m finishing up (hopefully this week) a chair I saved for my eldest son, and then I have two end tables I saved I need to get started on. The lamp will just have to wait.


  3. I liked Gretchen’s book probably because it was a little complicated, as it gave a peek into her life, which was quite a bit different than mine. I thought she might have been a little too introspective sometimes, but it gave us insight into her.
    I love the material on the new cushion–you are one busy girl!
    Am interested in picking up the other book you mentioned.


    • I did enjoy the peek into Gretchen’s life, but early on I felt that she was trying so hard to find the happiness that she was driving herself a bit crazy. For example, holding her tongue and trying to be nice when things were bugging her, or waiting for the gold star she so desperately felt she needed. In my opinion, you can’t do things with the expectation of what you will get, I’m not sure that will ever get you real happiness.

      Thanks, one of the advantages this year of going car-free is that I have been noticing things I wouldn’t have before. So spotting a sale of items outside the florist shop I would have driven by before, now I stopped and spotted fabric that I could use for so little cash.

      Let me know what you think of The $100 start up when you get a chance to read it.


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