My reasons for blogging

When I started my blog I had two things in mind. The first was to find like-minded people as I felt as if I were the only one who ever drastically downsized, or cared deeply about the planet and the air we breathe.  I have frequently been the black sheep in my family and among my friends.  I wanted to live my way which was contrary to the norm, but I didn’t want to be like everyone else.  Of course I hadn’t thought about being this different.  Of course there was one other reason for starting my blog.

I am not giving you my money

I had planned to monetize my blog.  What could be better than earning some extra money for what I enjoyed doing?  I rarely charge for things I do.  For example, all the pieces I save from ending up in dumpsters and garbage trucks headed for the landfills I fix up and find someone who sees the piece while I am working on it. They express a need for “something like that” and I know it will have a good home.

I restore these things I find as a hobby and the ultimate goal is to give it a new life in a new home.  Yep, did it again yesterday.  Received a call that a neighbor had a wooden end table outside, I checked it out to find he had two matching tables.  I took one home to restore, he offered to hold on to the other one till I was ready for it.

Real piece of marble on the top section

As I was heading in my apartment,  someone  I know asked what I was doing with it and wanted both.  This time the person offered to pay for any supplies I needed to restore it, but I wouldn’t think of charging for these things.

But why not earn money from my blog?  I first decided I needed to grow the blog large enough before I started to “sell products” and began to research affiliate programs.  I ran in to one large problem with this.  There was nothing that I felt someone needed to find their dreams.

If I am showing how I live, which includes not being a consumer, then it seems hypocritical of me to sell “things” to my readers.  I don’t want anyone thinking they “need” to buy this book or that exercise equipment to be happy  or to be able to downsize.

My dil who still finds my son funny after 9 years together.

What I want to share with my readers is any one can be happy with the little things.  To not need to buy products to have the life you want.  We have enough marketing bombarding us from every direction, I don’t want to add to that.

So, I have decided to keep my blog the way it is.  About life not shopping.

I do have a question for you, my patient readers, have you noticed that in the last couple of months if you hover over a word/phrase in places over my posts you see an advertisement pop up?  I’m not sure what that is or why it began. So you know what that is and how I could put a stop to it? It’s very annoying to me and so I’m sure it is to you as well.

Have you thought about monetizing your blog?  How did you finally come to your decision on monetizing, or not, your blog?



  1. Hi Lois,
    this is how I look at the question of to monetize or not. I’m not anti-consumption of goods and services, I’m pro thoughtful consumption. I give careful thought to my purchases.

    Now how that applies to my blog. I do have ads, through Adsense for now. Adsense is definitely not the way I intend to keep my monetization. In time, I will place ads that reflect my more thoughtful approach to being a consumer. And as a blogger, I will be able to help others find the types of businesses that I patronize myself, if that interests them.

    When I’m reading other blogs, I rarely even take notice of the ads on the site. But I don’t find them offensive or bothersome. They are just the method of compensating the blogger for their time and effort in keeping their blog. And I believe if someone teaches me something of value, then they deserve fair compensation.


    • Good points. It was funny the more I checked affiliate programs the more I questioned whether they had any place on my blog. But maybe I will stay open to future opportunities that may come up that are in line with my values.


  2. I’ve actually gone back and forth on the whole question of putting ads on my blog several times. Since I make my living from online ads anyhow, it was really easy to do – and part of the reason I chose Blogger was because it’s so easy to integrate with Adsense. That being said, I’ve tried to place the ads as unobtrusively as possible because I don’t really think that people need any more commercial messages than they already get.

    I also know from analyzing my web traffic that at least 50% of the people who end up on my blog are not actually regular readers. Many just end up there because of some random internet search, and some just pop over to scarf an image (hmmm… I’m guilty of that one myself.) Anyhow, since these folks aren’t really “readers” per se, they are the ones who are most likely to actually click on an ad because they’re really just cruising through anyhow.

    I have very mixed feelings about advertising in general. I actually don’t really have an objection to informative advertising – and I kinda like Google Adsense because it allows common folk to place ads, not just major corporations. I actually am an advertiser as well as a publisher with that network. There are many small homegrown businesses that are flourishing in a way they never would have been able to before because of the affordability of Google ads, plus the ability to target the audience so narrowly. So in a very real sense internet advertising is allowing many people to participate in the marketplace who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it, and I totally want to support that.

    On the other hand, there are TONS of huge corporations placing internet ads – and many of them are the kind of ads that not only inform but try to convince as well. I’m not so fond of this type – nor do I like the ads that interfere with the user’s web experience, but Google doesn’t do the annoying pop-ups or hovering ads like so many of the other networks do. I guess it’s a balancing act.


    • I see I’m not the only one who has gone back and forth with the idea of advertising. I’ve never thought to look at who comes to my blog, whether it’s regular readers or just someone finding a post due to a search. I agree many home-grown businesses which survive this way and of course that’s what was partly in my head when I started this blog. Oh how we change and grow as we are living. I definitely wouldn’t want to help some large corporation since I avoid them in the real world as much as I can.


  3. I try to limit my exposure to advertising in my own life. I don’t read glossy magazines, sales brochures, I don’t watch commercial TV or listen to commercial radio.
    However one of the things that I have enjoyed and benefitted from in the blogging world of simple and sustainable living is other bloggers sharing information on small businesses that make or produce services or products in keeping with sustainable or simple living values.
    For example, one of my blogging buddies and I are going to visit an alpaca farm tomorrow to buy some wool from the alpaca farmer/ producer. I only found out about this business through reading her blog.
    So a possibility might be that you could earn some money from your blog from smaller, more sustainable businesses, instead of large corporations?


    • Thanks for your ideas. I will keep it in mind for the future. An Alpaca farm is a wonderful place to visit, enjoy your day. We have one right here in town. It’s funny how much we have for a small town, from thrift stores to buffalo and alpaca farms 🙂 For now I’m not going to monetize my blog, doesn’t mean I won’t talk about and link to small businesses just to share, I’ve shared a few times the links to my favorite pottery store.


    • Cool, so what you are telling me is that it only shows up on my computer? I’d rather that than annoy everyone else. I’m very late to the blogging world, I new very little before I started mine in November, but always heard if you want to make money online start a blog. I’m glad I waited a bit to get my feet wet before plunging in to add everything at once it gave me time to explore my feelings about how I wanted my blog to look and feel.


  4. I have kept mine ad-free too, because I also like to be a more thoughtful consumer, and I trust my readers are too…so far, i haven’t had any reason to change my mind! When a blogger talks about a product he/she loves within one of their posts, and says they are not compensated for mentioning it, I am much more likely to check it out 🙂


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