Simple 4th birthday gift

Today is my grand daughter’s 4th birthday.  Since her party is tomorrow I decided to take her a small token today just to spend time with her and let her know this is her special day.

Since she asks for flowers, yes even from Santa, instead of toys or anything else I headed out to the fields to see what was growing wild still.  Then put them in a jam jar I had saved. There isn’t much variety left, but I was able to put this together for her.



    • I think she will. She has so much empathy. When weeding if she finds a bug that’s not beneficial to the plants she will pick it up and carry to an area where there are plenty of grass and trees so it can still find food. She told her mom she didn’t want to go to school when she’s old enough. Her mom replied that if she went to school and did good then she could go to college and learn about flowers. She decided that was a good deal and is telling everyone she’s going to school to learn more about flowers.:-)


    • She sure did love it and had to find a perfect spot for each around the house. She also decided they couldn’t go in her room as then no one else could enjoy them. I agree. With plenty of open fields around here the grand kids keep me in flowers most of the summer. I love having fresh cut flowers in my apartment, but refuse to buy the ones from the store with all the pesticides on them even in the dead of winter to cheer up the place.


    • She’s a doll. Her dad is worried she will be a vegetarian like me because when she overheard him talking about buying half a cow for meat she burst into tears telling him she didn’t want to eat animals that they were nice and NO. So now we aren’t allowed to tell her where her meat comes from, at least until she’s older and they can sit down to talk about proper nutrition.


  1. Such a pretty bouquet. My grandmother loved flowers. I love them too but can’t stand to cut them and bring them inside. I don’t know why, I’ve just always been that way. The husband finally learned not to bring me cut flowers- he always brings me something I can plant outside now. 🙂


    • I won’t buy flowers unless I see them at the farmer’s market and know they aren’t sprayed with pesticides. I hate to cut flowers that I am growing for a particular area, but when I find them along the road or in empty fields, well I have no problem with that.


    • She did. Tonight was her actual party with all the family.She makes me smile. Tonight she wouldn’t touch her cake until she walked around to each person and made sure they had a piece and had to take a bite to announce they liked it, then she was happy (she picked out her own cake) and ate her piece.


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