Re-purposed clothes and storage solutions

Last week I spotted an adorable Mickey Mouse t-shirt at a yard sale.  It was too big for either of my grand daughters but I just couldn’t walk away from it

So pulling out some fabric scraps and a roll of ribbon I picked up a while ago. I cut the t-shirt front out and created a bag for my youngest who is head-over-heels for Mickey Mouse.

I added a solid piece of ribbon all the way around so the ribbon was also the shoulder strap.

It was late and lighting wasn’t good, but here’s the front as I was piecing it.

I lined the inside with white fabric which was given to me and also lined under the purple ribbon for reinforcement.

The lining, even behind the ribbon is white cotton

Now that it’s morning I can show you the completed bag.

A side view of the ribbon

While I had other projects to work on, I received a call that my son and his family were coming up for a visit this weekend and wanted to be able to give this to the little one. My machine isn’t working so I did this by hand, actually I learned to sew by hand first and still enjoy it.

The total time I invested to plan, find materials, and complete the project took just over 2 hours. Total cost of all materials was 75 cents.

Another recent find found a new use.  My neighbor found this shelf on the curb and brought it to me for my grand children. It needed a good scrubbing and we talked about painting it to match my grand daughter’s bedroom.

curb side find

My dil decided it wasn’t quite what she had in mind and passed on it.  I have been looking to add better storage in my closet, which is hard because I can’t attach anything to the walls as they have concrete behind them, I  don’t have the proper drill bits for that.

Taking a second look at this shelf, I knew it was too large for where I wanted to put shelving, my closet is very narrow, but then realized it was similar in width to what I currently used to hold all my clothes (a converted VHS cabinet).  By stacking this on top of the current cabinet (which were exactly the same width!) I doubled my closet space.

My closet holds everything I don’t want on display, yet want easy access to.

The mess you see on the floor are sewing items for a couple of projects I need to complete in the next few days.  It really doesn’t always look like this.

By adding the found shelf on top I can now store all my winter and summer clothes, craft projects, and fabric for sewing projects in one spot.

On the very top I keep books I have saved and a few I haven’t read yet, a box with sewing notions, and one with all my DVDs I held on to after my purge last year. The boxes are a wonderful bargain I purchases 2 for $3. at Ikea. They are a sturdy cardboard with metal screws to hold them in place.  I’ve had these for over 2 years and they are still like-new.

I then have just enough room to have a couple coat hooks along the side for my seasonal coats.

I’m wondering, how do you re-purpose outgrown clothes? Do you pass them on or use them for other uses?



  1. The bag turned out great! And good use of the book shelf, too. More storage space is always a plus!

    Some clothes I give away, but occasionally there’s a piece or two I hang on to. I’ve got 2 bib overall dresses in denim that I’m thinking would make a cute bag, if I sew the two front bibs together. Not sure how it’s all going to work, but I’ll give it thought.


    • It does. I am on a quest to save everything I can from ending up in landfills, it keeps me busy as well. I’ve got a mattress to make for a doll cradle I saved for my oldest grand child, a chair I’m half way through refinishing for my son’s new family room and a stool and chair (from my great uncle) I need to reupholster for my place


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