Natural treatment for arthritis pain

Our weather has turned considerably colder today, which I wasn’t quite ready for.  But as I sat down to start typing today’s post I realized my arthritis isn’t flaring up at the sudden cold and damp weather.  I was diagnosed with arthritis as a young child and by my teens tried to put a brave face on not to let friends, or my children, see the pain I was in, but some days it was so bad there was no way of hiding that I just couldn’t make my fingers work.

So what happened?  Five years ago, I gave up. I had tried everything to deal with the pain and couldn’t function many days. I  went to my doctor who was shocked I was asking for pain medication.

Instead,  she asked me to try something else before I resorted to pain medication.  She explained that there were side effects to taking pain meds, but none as a result of trying what she was asking me to try.

I was definitely game, no side effects!   What my doctor asked me to do was wear copper.  She told me to find a copper bracelet I liked and follow these directions.

  • Never take it off, to sleep, shower, do dishes. Wear it at all times.
  • Don’t rush to wash off any green marks resulting from wearing the bracelet.  The green marks are the body’s reaction to the copper and it means the copper is getting into your system.  Wash your wrist when you shower, but not more than once per day.
  • Give it time to work.  Your body needs time to let the copper build up to relieve the pain.

I was asked to give it 3 months time and then come back to her if I needed to.
Here’s the bracelet I found.  It was made by an artist and sold through a local business.  I paid $25 for the bracelet which is much cheaper than a prescription

I never needed to go back to my doctor with a complaint about pain. I began to think about the copper pans my grandmother used to cook with, the one’s she got rid of when non-stick pans became the latest craze.  Could I have been helped years ago by cooking with copper pans? I’ll never know the answer to that one, but at least  no longer dread the changing weather.

If you  have arthritis pain, why not give this a try.  After a while my body became adjusted to the copper and I rarely get marks on my skin from it, but it still keeps me pain-free.


  1. I’ve had arthritis since a kid too. Unfortunately I can’t wear the copper. I’m allergic to most metals. Wish I could, it’s a lovely bracelet. But I don’t wear any jewelry. The only kind I can tolerate is sterling silver or platinum. sucks.


  2. Hi Lois,
    this is interesting. I have a copper bracelet somewhere that a friend gave to me for this purpose. I have a shoulder injury that bothers me a lot, and I’m wondering if this will help.

    My tip for non-med pain in joints is cold packs. A friend is a PT, and she reminded me to use my cold pack. I’ve been using a cold pack on my shoulder 3 to 4 times a day and it has helped me avoid ibuprophen for a couple of days now. And last night at bedtime I forgot to take my Aleve, so it must be working. But I’ll see if I can’t find my bracelet (I sure hope I haven’t given it away in a huge decluttering effort).

    Thanks for your story!


    • You are welcome, I’m sorry about your shoulder. I can’t tolerate cold packs unless it’s a very hot day in the summer. I can’t eat cold things like ice cream either when it’s cold outside. It’s funny to people, but if it’s chilly and I eat ice cream I have to have a cup of hot tea afterwards to warm myself back up. I know I’m strange. 🙂


    • I hope it works for her too. My doctor informed me that there are so many side effects of taking pain pills that many doctors are now prescribing to patients to use copper jewelry instead, most people are helped greatly even if not totally (like in rheumatoid arthritis)


  3. This is MUSIC to my ears, as this is exactly what I do, and passionately believe in – make and sell copper bracelets for exactly this (My other blog is I can honestly say I have researched this extensively for years and can explain in detail why it works. I am working on a copper gel at the moment and would love to send you some free samples when ready, as well as a bracelet. Not as a flimsy business thing, but just because you made my day. Will forward my email shortly – this is NOT a stunt, I am genuinely happy for you. I agree about copper cooking pots – the latest studies show that the copper content in French wines is what contributes to the excellent health statistics in France. Ideally you should be ingesting 7mg of copper daily, in chocolate, nuts etc.


    • I hadn’t heard about copper in the French wines. I would love to try your samples, thank you! I will have to check out your other blog to understand more on this

      Too bad I couldn’t get all my copper needs from chocolate, I would be in heaven.


      • I’ll let you know when they are approved – and will send – your post was wonderful. There is about .2mg in French wine. None in Hungarian wine, for example, as the soil is depleted generally.
        Will get in touch shortly. The benefits of copper is a real professional passion of mine. Generally, as the Linus Pauling Institute in Oregon states/admits, much about copper is being revised or discovered. Pity, as some ancient civilisations already knew, so we are catching up.


        • I agree, we think we are so far advanced, yet ancient civilizations were way ahead of us in architecture and medicine to name just a couple. Look forward to hearing from you and good luck with the approval process.


    • I almost didn’t include it in the slow living month, then at the last minute decided it was definitely green if it kept me from having to take pain killers. Hope you get some relief especially with the cold weather arriving, that was when I had the worst problems.


  4. How great that this works for you! I’ve always been a skeptic when it came to things like this, but I’m willing to give it a try since you seem to have had great luck with it. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at 26. There are days when I have a very pain-filled day and others where it’s just kind of an annoyance, but every day I wake up with my hands swollen so bad they look like someone else’s and it takes me a few hours before I can type with them!

    Thanks for the info, I’ll check into it as soon as I can! Being as the past few days the temperature has dropped into the 40’s during the day and about half that at night, along with being rainy and damp, I’m sure you can imagine how I’ve felt! btw, I have arthritis in my hands, shoulders, knees and one ankle. I think my hip is now involved too, like I needed more! Ah well, such is life, right? Just have to keep up the fight and think of other things!


    • I don’t even remember what age I was when I was diagnosed, but it was younger than 10. One of the things the doctors told me to do was to avoid milk, which I hated, so it wasn’t a problem. A friend was told the same thing, but refuses to give up milk and suffers horribly. So between the milk and the bracelet I am near pain free. I can now type, which was so painful I couldn’t do that for more than a few minutes a couple years ago.
      I hope you try it and get some relief, I do know how bad it feels. Btw, I have it in my hands, ankles, and back.


  5. This is very interesting. I was researching Natural Pain Relief tips for arthritis for a post for Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems. Would love to know if others have contacted you with success stories after trying copper jewelry. Do you have any other natural remedies that help you with your symptoms? I do like the French Wine idea! Thanks for blogging about this.


    • Thank you. I hadn’t known about the French wine, that was a tip from a commenter. I do avoid dairy products which will cause flare ups of both arthritis and sinus problems. If you have allergies they can be relieved by eliminating dairy products.


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