Books, books everywhere I look

Of all things, my entire day seemed to revolve around books.  Of course, any day with books is a good day.  I headed off to the library this morning, hoping not to be caught in rain again since it has rained here every day for the last 5 days, on my way I got a phone call that my grand children wanted to stop by for a short visit.

Instead, we met up at the library.  Where the kids got the chance to pick out the books they wanted to read at my house this time, I usually  pick things to surprise them.

I had a little time to relax afterwards and picked up my current book.  Don’t you hate it when you get so involved in a book you just don’t want to put it down?  That’s where I am now.   Not long after dil returned to visit with the children and asked if I would go to the book store with her.

We have been planning a trip to the local used book store for a couple of weeks.  I had rescued two large boxes of books a neighbor was going to toss in the dumpster.  We took some we hadn’t read, passed some around to friends and even sold a few online.  Today we were trading the rest of the paperbacks to the book store.  One very large box was hauled in.

While we waited to see what kind of store credit we would get the children had found the children’s room with books and toys.  Leave it to these two to decide that the room needed cleaned and reorganized.   We found a couple of books we wanted today and used part of our store credit of $118 to purchase them.  This brings our total profit off the books to $173.  To think all I wanted was to save books from ending up in the trash….maybe that’s my reward for all the things I save?  Any way it was a surprise to receive that much but we were very happy with the result.
We shared dinner, then went our separate ways.  I returned home and had a surprise visit from a neighbor.  He had spotted this by a curb and grabbed it thinking of me and my family.

Until last week my grand children had shared a bedroom, but now they have their own.  So  one book case no longer is enough and they had hoped to find another one so each child could have their own.  I’ll clean it up and repaint it using the trim color from my grand daughter’s room (grand son has the original bookcase in his room).  Other than being dirty it is in great condition.  Just a little elbow grease and my go-to cleaner (vinegar) this will be brand new.

How was your day? Hope you had as pleasant a day as I did.



  1. I so love my books too!
    I remember when my daughter was very little, we would visit the local library once a week, and one day she realised as we were borrowing the books that I hadn’t “Paid” for them. She told me so, and I explained that at a library, they let you take them home for free, as long as you promise to look after them and bring them back. ” For free? we don’t have to pay for them?” she asked, in disbelief. I remember the surprise and delight on her face as she realised that she could borrow any books she liked! And I wouldn’t be saying no..


    • I love it! Ours was the opposite, the grand children were introduced to the library first, then when they saw a book store they had a hard time understanding why they would have to pay for the books. They decided the library was better because, like your daughter, they realized they wouldn’t be told no.


  2. Wow! What a day, Lois! How wonderful when everything seems to work out so well. I had no idea used books could fetch such a price. I may have to rethink donating our used books to the local Value Village. And your granddaughter will love her new bookcase. (And grandson won’t have to share his!)


    • It was a good day 🙂

      Some book stores don’t pay much, we have a chain around here called Half Price Books, I took 3 times as much to them one time and received $13. The only difference is the chain store gives you the cash where the independent store gives us store credit. I’d rather the store credit if I can make out like that.

      The kids are thrilled to have some separation now, and now that they don’t rent they can have their rooms the way they want as well.


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