My weekend plan

September is really here.  The weather is cold and dreary today, the kids are back in school.  There are 4 birthdays this month in my family.  One received an early birthday present today.

My grand-daughter received her gift today of her “new” kitchen.  I got it all set up, putting all the dishes, pans, food stuff away.  I set out the toaster (with toast ready to be toasted) and set a couple cupcakes on plates for her to see when she arrived.

My place really felt small with this kitchen sitting in my apartment so I was anxious to see her reaction and to get it out of here 🙂

So here is just a little of what I got to witness when she walked in

What we missed with the cameras were the hugs and thank you’s and the fun of playing with her foods.

Mom decided she needed more food for  her kitchen, so off we went to the local store (after I added some warmer clothes on her for the walk, it’s really cold out today!) where we found a package of food.  Once back here she carefully determined where each and every food item would be stored.  Then she began to cook for us.

I had a few items of plastic canvas food that a neighbor was going to toss out.  It included a salt and pepper shaker, an ice cream bar, piece of fish, piece of steak, eggs and a few other items.  I had her mom’s permission to put this in the kitchen as well.
After a bit of playing with the kitchen, it was packed up and moved to her house with promises she would share with her brother.  I can’t wait to see how long that lasts 🙂

As for the rest of my Saturday, did I mention it’s raining and cold out?  I’m going to curl up with my current book then tomorrow enjoy some football. Any one else excited that football season is back? How do you plan to spend your weekend.

Figures I’d have one traitor in the family who chose to leave the Steelers to be a Cowboy fan.



    • thrift shops are great for finding things for children. The only thing I had trouble finding, and still do, are little boys clothes. They tend to destroy their clothes before they outgrow them.

      I’ve never understood why I love football so much, but I do. When I was little the Steelers gave everyone with Muscular Dystrophy, their family and friends a box to watch their home games for free. It was great fun. But a part of me enjoys watching what people can do with their bodies that I have never been able to understand how people can have that kind of ability or control of their bodies. So it’s partly my watching something I’ve never been able to do. It was the same when my kids were little, I watched them play sports in awe of the human body even in very young children.


    • No she’s still smiling two days later. Thankfully she’s still sharing well with her brother. Their birthday is next week when he will be getting a tool bench. Each morning mom and dad have to wait for her to fix them breakfast now, then they can have the “real” breakfast after.


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