An errand, results in great finds, and renewed friendships

Today I planned to simply stay home, I’m absorbed in the latest book I’m reading, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.  Instead, I got a call from my dil telling me there was a yard sale near my home and would I check it out.  She has a few things on a wish list for the new house that would be nice to find used.  So off I went.

As I approached the yard sale I spotted the number one item she had on her wish list. A play kitchen for her daughter.  The price was good, I decided to go home and get more money.  But first I had little things I wanted to check out.

I spotted a Mickey mouse shirt for a girl. But it’s too large for my grand-daughters.  While looking at it I remembered my other dil telling me she would like to have a “purse” for her daughter to carry her stuff around in. My grand-daughter is obsessed with Mickey Mouse so this would be perfect.   She uses the pillow I made her, but it doesn’t hold as much as she would like to stuff in there.  For 50 cents I can turn this into a bag.

I will simply cut it down and add some white fabric inside to make it stiffer then go through the scraps for something colorful for the carrying straps.

Next up, I spotted these wire-coated shelves. I’ve been looking for something to hold my things in the shower.  I’ll have to figure out what I want to attach them with I’m thinking of a suction cup and some fishing line.  I refused to buy anything plastic and the metal ones in the store are, in my opinion, over priced.  Knowing my friends and family, some one will want to steal this idea from me, so I picked up two for 25 cents.

As I was going to leave to get more money for the kitchen I noticed a bed skirt in  the exact size of my bed (full). This is something I always thought I would like, but never wanted to spend the money on.  At this price I decided it was time to see how I liked having a bed skirt finally.

This had to be a mistake, but it was mine.

As I headed over to pay for my purchases and ask if the kitchen could be held till I ran home for more money (I only had $4 on me) I spotted the homeowner.  She looked so familiar to me, so I said so.  She said she too thought she knew me from some where.  When she told me her first name I knew it.  She was my son’s favorite first grade teacher.  My son had attended an elementary school on the college campus.  Instruction was Montessori style and the school wanted to be sure everyone had plenty of time for one-on-one instruction so there were 3 students per teacher in each classroom.  Mary was his favorite.  As soon as I was putting the pieces together in my head she too put the connection together with my son.  She mentioned thinking of him just the other day and the time she would spend with him on his math skills.

She was truly a wonderful teacher who believed if a child failed it was her failing not his.  Her belief was that the child didn’t fail, she failed in not figuring out how this child learned and absorbed information best.  If only all teachers felt this way, but I digress.

We ended up spending a good hour catching up on everything.  As I headed home I learned the weathermen are really bad at their job yet again.  Yesterday, we were supposed to have thunderstorms, they went around and we had zero rain.  Today we had a zero percent chance of rain, guess what I ended up drenched from a thunderstorm on my way home.

After the rain, I paid for my kitchen and got it home.  Can’t wait for my grand-daughter to see what her mom bought for her.  All the extras were included: toaster, tea kettle, dishes, food, pans, rolling pins, even a clothes iron.  All for $25.  Sure beats brand-new.

One view of the table and sink

I have to share that cooking is the one things both her children love.  They enjoy helping us in the kitchen, but they also love to pretend.

Other side with stove, oven, fridge, microwave

At my house they have an old pan I put with the toys more than 3 years ago. It’s still their favorite thing  to play with, indoors or out.   You can make “pretend” food with anything from playing cards, dominoes, and even dirt and weeds.

Cooking with dirt and weeds pulled from around the flowers

Have you found any yard sales lately?  What did you find that saved you having to purchase it new?  Have a great weekend.



  1. I used to love going to garage sales. My thing was books though. Couldn’t pass them up. At 10 cents a book usually that was a great deal. I haven’t been to one in years. Maybe I should start back up. Will have to wait till spring again.


    • Yes, that was me too, until books here started to be sold at yard sales for any where between $1 and $4 each. I want a sale where the goal is to get rid of things the person doesn’t want or need any longer, not one where they want to make as much money as possible. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, but some believe so.


      • I have’t been to a garage sale in so long the books might have gone up. I might have to check a few out just to see how much they have changed.


  2. That is so cool that the lady turned out to be your son’s teacher from way back when. And I love her attitude towards teaching/learning. That was mine when I homeschooled my 3. If they weren’t doing well, it was because I hadn’t figured out their learning style. Especially true in the early years.

    Great finds at the garage sale. I love that kitchen set-up. Your granddaughter is going to be one happy little girl!

    The last garage sale I went to was last weekend, and the owner had an inflated idea of what her belongings were worth. Kind of frustrating, as she had a bunch of lamps, and I’m looking for lamps, but not for what she wanted. I’ll keep looking, as I know sooner or later some great lamps will turn up at a great price.


    • Don’t you hate that? I always thought a yard sale was a way to get rid of the things you no longer needed. The last few I’ve seen around town the sellers mentioned they didn’t care what they sold or for how much because any thing left over was going to charity. That’s the way it was supposed to be, the goal to have nothing coming back into your house.

      I agree with you on teaching. When my son’s were 9 and 12 I gave up on the public school system and home schooled them the rest of the way. I knew that because I loved them and wanted the best for them I could do the job better than the people who had nothing invested in my individual children.

      As for the kitchen, it will be an early birthday present from her mom and dad, her birthday is next Sunday. So I am setting it up in my home tonight with all the dishes, etc in place so when they bring her over it is ready to surprise her. Maybe I will think of a picture and get one of her reaction, I forget in the moment to photograph things as I get caught up in having fun.


    • Oh do I hear you there. My boys never got into hockey, but football was pretty pricy along with summer sports camps. Around here we now have consignment shops that (now) sell used sporting equipment, everything from roller blades and home gym equipment to supplies for things like hockey for the kids. Maybe you could find something online for next year?


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