Simple living means less opportunities

You are joking right?

I recently learned something about simpler living, it will limit our opportunities in life.  How did I learn this?  By trying to make some extra money.

A friend mentioned to me that being flexible I could make money online by doing surveys.  I was told that when selected you could make some real money this way.  I don’t really need more than I have, but why not make some extra I could put away for a rainy day, or to have handy to help others, like my children if they hit hard times.

Yummy a plum

I was directed to the Penny Hoarder, and was told only reputable companies were connected to them. I checked it out.  There were many ways to make money, but I don’t have the time to download apps and wait two weeks for a $5 gift card or want to open a bank account put money into it ($50) just to leave it there for a few weeks before getting $10.  So I only checked out the surveys and paid emails that I was directed to check out.

And people wonder why she’s a tomboy

First of all, I found a couple of ways to make money.  The first, was through paid emails.  Sounds good right?  You simply click on a link in an email and get paid for reading the advertisement.  Hey that’s easy enough.  I signed up with a couple of these sites.  Now, you only get 2 cents from most for each email you read.   You can’t cash out until you reach an average of $40 or $50 dollars.  Can you see how many emails I would have to read and how long this would take?

A couple of free stickers, plenty of fun

But wait. There is another way to take advantage of these paid emails.  If you agree to sign up for whatever is being advertised you can earn $10 or more.   Right! There’s always a catch right?  Here’s an example.  Join Netflix (new subscriber only, not returning subscriber) and earn $6.  Great I get $6 and pay close to $9 per month for the service.

I can do that too!

There is still the opportunity to earn “great” money doing surveys.  I don’t qualify for any of the surveys.  They are looking for people who have major investments, belong to a gym, have the latest gadget or newest computer, even someone who buys name brand foods, cosmetics, just recently bought a new car (only the most expensive model), or are buying a car in the next few months (again only the higher priced models), and so on.

You can’t see it from here, but the kids decided it would be fun to wear my shoes outside and see if they could climb the hill

Since I don’t have or do any of these things I am not invited to join in the surveys.  I tried for a couple of months, thinking I they would figure out from my profile which surveys to send me, then realized I was never going to qualify and left them.  Could I have lied, maybe, but maybe not.  I wouldn’t know the first thing about an iPad, or about some of the features on the latest cars.   I spent a good 15 minutes, sometimes more, answering questions, only to then be sent to a page telling me I didn’t qualify and therefore, earned nothing.

Brother is playing Santa Claus, gifting his sister with flowers (Queen Anne’s lace), much to her delight

So here’s what I learned. You must be a consumer to make money from these online opportunities.  I also learned that I am happy the way I am living.  Thinking of all these “things” I would have to spend my money on to earn money, well I have saved much more by not buying them in the first place. There is a reason I don’t have to work a full-time job, I don’t crave to own any of these things in the first place.

Did I get it?

Can simpler living reduce the opportunities you have available to you?  Sure, but would you want to live any other way? I know I don’t.



  1. I looked into these surveys a few years ago. I did as you, I’d fill them out and at the very end find out I didn’t qualify. Or I would have to spend money to get less money. This smacked of scams to me, so I just left them and haven’t been back. Scams are scams, there will always be scams on the internet. If something costs you money you can be sure its a scam.


    • So true, I figured most were scams, just like the make money from home stuffing envelopes etc. The reason I checked this out was because it was supposed to be on the up and up. I still think if you wanted to spend money on “things” this would be a way to recoup some of it, but in the end we are better off making do and saving the money in the first place.


  2. you are right to be careful of making online money, as you said they are looking to make money FROM you. I don’t make very much on my little sustainable farm but i grow almost all our food, including the dairy from my cow, eggs etc, so i SAVE a lot of money. i hope that counts! c


    • That sure does count. This is the first year of starting my garden after moving, so I definitely didn’t have enough to feed myself, but it helped. Yes, they want to make money from us, and it’s not worth my time to sit on the computer trying to find the ways that are legit.


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