Unexpected visitors, and uses for paint chips

A note before I begin, this should have been posted yesterday, but due to whatever I could not transfer my photos to the computer so this just had to wait. Hope you enjoy it.

Today is one of those days that would make everyone happy, at least part of the time. We’ve had a bit of sunshine and plenty of rain.  Whether inside or out today has been my day for welcome visitors and time for a little creativity.

You can’t see the colors very well, but this dragonfly had the most interesting turquoise colors on him.

Of course, what happens when I am outside?  I happen to find things before they make their way into the dumpsters.  Today it was a television I saved.  It works fine, but was so heavy that a neighbor was on his way to drop it in the dumpster,  I immediately sent a text to my son who mentioned he wanted a new television for his family room in the new house.  I got an immediate reply and as long as it took them to drive the truck the 2 miles to my home is all the longer it was in my possession.

Knowing the rain was heading our way this couldn’t stay long and I had no room in my apartment to store it. If you have a large room this sure beats a 19 inch tv for a family to watch.

This weekend I had picked up a couple of things at a yard sale.  First up was a set of bowls.  Two snack-sized bowls, perfect for the little ones,  and a serving bowl.

All three for a buck

And then I found a very ugly tray.  I didn’t get a chance to take a before picture, but it was a dirty off white, with decals on the tray. But here it is after being sanded, cleaned and painted.

Ready to decorate

I asked my grand-daughter if she would like to come help decorate a tray with me. I can say I had help and it gets me past the “this isn’t perfect so I want to hide it” Yep, I want things perfect.  I got out the glue sticks and these that she had found on a trip to the home improvement store.

free booklet of pain samples from Lowes
We removed them from the booklet, then trimmed and cut them into triangles.

I cut the triangles in different sizes so that it would be easier to fill in where the 3-year-old left open gaps.  She arrived with her new best friend, gift from Daddy.

Princess Kitty comes to visit

Poor kitty is so loved she is rarely left alone.  I sure hope she likes being a lap cat.

Daddy is now Best Daddy Ever

In between the crafting, Princess Kitty had to be found and picked up.  Rain came and the cat was especially curious.  I tried to catch a picture of her hanging from the door to watch, but Grand-child spotted what I was about to do and ran to take her kitty off the door.  Of course, can’t punish kitty she only wanted to watch the rain.  So here’s how she got to see the rain.

Might be more comfortable than hanging from the door

We finished the tray, for now, I still need to put a sealer coat on it when I’m sure it’s dry.

Didn’t turn out half bad, if I say so myself.

We had leftover triangles, so with some found paper everyone got a picture by the young artist. Here’s mine.

First time using glue, just had to make more things.

So much for yesterday, today I met a new neighbor.  With college back in session we have had a few new people move in.  I was asked who cleared the field and if every one could use it. I was glad to see another person who wanted to use the field.  What surprised me most of all was what he mainly wanted to use it for.  To let his pet play.  He had to bring his pet outside for us to meet.  He said it was a cat, then he said it was a kitten, then we were told to wait he just had to show us.  It was a skunk!  She is adorable and quite affectionate, but that’s a new one for me.  Can’t wait til the little one’s get to see her they are going to love this!



    • Thank you. I had fun with it. I purposely planned to let my grand daughter help and am glad I did as she had a blast. She loves to do crafty things of all kinds, I have even planned a few Christmas gifts for the kids to make their parents starting with some rocks they collected in the field this summer.


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