It’s official now

As you might have figured out by now, I like to anticipate what is coming next.  As we are preparing to put our gardens to bed, trying to get every last morsel from them, (we picked what appears to be the last strawberry last night), my mind is looking towards winter and what we may be in store for.

Daily ventures to the garden will soon be over

Today I spotted a copy of the Farmer’s Almanac and had to take the time to find out what it predicts.

A wildflower in bloom now

So will I need to get the shovel out?   How often will I need it? It was only used maybe 4 times last winter.

Can you ever have too many flowers?

Will I need to have extra blankets?  What about ice removal  for sidewalks, we didn’t need that last winter either.

Getting ready to open

Well….I live in the Great lakes region of PA the official word is that we will have a much colder winter with more snow than average.  This almanac only showed the USA so for those of you living in other parts of the world I can’t help you out today.

So not ready to have to bundle up to stay warm

For those in the Midwest, I’m thinking of Eco Cat Lady in Colorado, you can rest easily, you are supposed to have a milder winter with less snow than normal and above average temperatures.  For those in the Midwest, are you happy to hear this or were you hoping for a white winter to remember?

Marigolds haven’t been hurt by the lack of rain, still beautiful

Those caterpillars that are all black seem to be predicting the same weather for this area, harsh and cold with no break in between.  Winter is expected to linger around till mid April here, so no more 80 degree temps in March.

This has been a frequent sight most of the summer.

This summer has been exceptionally dry here, leaves are changing and have been since beginning of July due to lack of water.  Fortunately, we’ve done pretty well with our gardens, but it may not be that way next summer.  We have a much drier and warmer than normal summer predicted, so those of you who have had drought conditions this year can watch what happens to our crops next year.

We were late getting the wildflower seeds in this year, they are just now starting to bloom. Butterflies are enjoying it.

I’m not really sure how I feel about knowing the prediction after all, on the one hand we need the moisture for the wells and plants, but on the other hand I hate to be cold and really don’t like having to dig out the walks.

This little guy showed up one morning in front of the Little Cove rock. Took a day to find out who made this and set him there. He’s called Spiny Monster.

What about you?  Do you like winter?  Are you looking forward to the cold temperatures after such a hot summer?

At least I have this to look forward to first


  1. I’m not ready for fall yet – I feel like I missed summer, we got blast furnace instead. The past week or two has been the first time we’ve gotten to enjoy weather in the 80’s since May. The garden is totally confused because so many of the plants just went into survival mode and didn’t grow or produce during the super heated months – so I’ve got pumpkins ready to harvest, meanwhile the first tomatoes & summer squash are just coming in. Of course, if your predictions are correct, maybe the growing season will extend into October and beyond – which would be great if we could just get some rain…


    • I’m definitely with you on the rain. We had so little rain that I worry about the wells so many depend on for water around here. Last week it dropped into the 70s and even hit 42 one night, but it’s hot again.


  2. As much as I always look forward to summer for the extra warmth and sunlight, I love autumn and winter. I love getting cozy in slippers, sweaters and blankets, reading in front of the fireplace and drinking hot tea. I enjoy getting outside more in the summer, but I like cooler temps better for gardening.

    And I think I look forward to the garden slowing down. The tomatoes are getting to be a bit of a problem. We picked a box and a bucket full today and could have filled 3 more. I’ve been inviting as many people as I can into the garden to help out. Still, they keep coming..


    • I can’t believe you are still getting tomatoes, how many plants did you start with?

      I enjoy autumn, I like the colors of the leaves (we have lots of maples here that have beautiful reds in them), I also love to rake the leaves it was the one thing the kids weren’t allowed to do. If they raked to play in them, they had to make a mess afterwards so I could still have that opportunity to rake.

      It’s winter I’m not fond of. It makes me hurt and I can’t be out in it long. Although I’m like you I love to curl up with blankets and read, no fireplace here 😦 I have extra blankets I keep out for company so they can get comfortable as well, there’s something just right about seeing friends grab a favorite blanket without asking to get comfortable while visiting.


  3. We didn’t get summer weather till quite late, here in the pacific northwest. So I’m not at all ready for the air to turn cool. We went to the beach today and just soaked up the sun.

    We have a fabulous snow prevention device. It’s a snow shovel that has never ever been used on snow. I bought it 3 winters ago, right after a terribly snowy one, thinking we’d really get our money’s worth on that purchase. Well, it has never snowed enough since, for me to need to get out and shovel. So we consider it a snow prevention purchase.

    I love cozy autumn and winter days, but only if I get to stay inside the whole time. I keep a stack of throws as well, in the family room. You’re right, it is nice when friends feel so comfortable in my home that they’ll pick one up and wrap in it.


    • I forgot about the snow prevention, last year my brother bought sleds for my two oldest grand children for Christmas, it never snowed enough for them to use them. My brother said if that’s all it took to get rid of the snow he’d buy them sleds every year.

      I guess we got your summer then. I’ve never seen anything like this past year. No winter, and skipped right over spring to summer, it’s been crazy. I didn’t mind the warmth at first, it was refreshing after the cold months, even if they weren’t as cold as usual.

      I have friends and family who have beautiful homes, but don’t want to have extra blankets out because it looks messy. I so prefer the lived in, comfortable look at my home.


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