What to do when you are too early, not a problem here

Today was the farmer’s market, lately I have enjoyed planning my meals around what foods I find at the market and have saved quite a bit of money in doing so.  This was only the second time this year I have attended by myself.  I hate to shop, but find I look forward to the market, even by myself.  I have made wonderful friends and know many of the vendors by name as they know mine.

Going alone it didn’t take me as long to get there, so I was early and decided to wander through the gardens for a bit till everything was set up.  With fall fast approaching seeing the wonderful gardens made my day.  Here are some of my favorite sights.

Path along the main street, amazing to think this borders a minor highway

The market is held on land that used to belong to a family, when the last remaining family member passed away the home and land was left to a botanical organization.  Here’s a view of the side of the family home.

Side porch of the family home. Wouldn’t this be a wonderful place to have a morning cup of tea or coffee?

And the back of the house

This borders a large tree and has a picnic bench nearby where we often enjoy a packed lunch, or like last week to snack on our freshly picked and bought raspberries.

The view behind the house leading to the parking area and barns

Nice welcoming view when you arrive

Many of the plants growing here are very hard to find, others are reported to be only still on this property.  The family, specifically one daughter gave much thought to what she planted on the property.  Here is a plant (not sure of its name) which is thriving in water.

Something was bubbling under the water, but never came up for me to see what was swimming in there.

Of course there were other water features for small animals, and even insects to have a habitat.  This picture was better before I tried to enlarge it, but here’s a toad which was perfectly content to stay put.

Time for a swim

Here’s the original picture, the toad is on the  right hand section of the pool of water.

Can you spot the toad?

While much thought was put into the habitat for wildlife, the human variety has places just for them.  Here is one of my favorite because of the large wind chimes behind it.

These extra-large metal chimes are my favorites

Prior to the market opening the gardens hosted school children from the city where they were able to plant seeds and learn about the vegetation and why each was chosen.  Talking to one of the volunteers who worked with the school children, she informed me how curious the city children are, and how many questions they have.  Makes me sad to think they can’t enjoy this all the time the way I can.

Anyway, my main goal in going today was to buy food.  When the market opened I made sure to head to the booths which sell out the fastest.  The last two weeks I was too late for any salad greens, so that was my first stop.

I had a taste for more leeks and maple coated peanuts.  Unfortunately, the peanuts mistakenly didn’t get loaded into the boxes so I will have to check for that next week and I’m so disappointed but leek season is officially over for this year.  The three I bought last week were the end of the crops.

I left the house with $20 and came home with change.  Here’s what I found

My purchases for the week

My total haul was: a very large head of broccoli, home-made loaf of honey wheat bread, cantaloupe, salad greens, peaches, plums, potatoes, a tomato (gone already before the picture was taken), and a couple of special treats. A “twist” with fresh whole blackberries baked inside.  Picture a cross between a muffin and a baked donuts, and  half a dozen of no-bake chocolate peanut butter cookies (for the kids).

We have a new market which opened down the road on Saturday mornings, I may check that one out as I hear there are different vendors which attend that one.

If I had to pick my favorite find this week it would have to be the peaches as I finished the one’s I had last week too soon.  What’s your favorite find this week from your farmer’s market or your garden?


    • I thought so. I can’t buy nearly that much at the local grocery store for the same amount of money. The bread was a treat. I don’t eat a lot of bread and really don’t care for the taste unless it’s homemade after making my own. The last time I bought bakery bread I pad almost $5 for a loaf of Rye which was much smaller than the loaf I got yesterday and cost almost half the price.


    • Yes, talk about fresh! This morning I had a craving for the broccoli, so instead of a normal breakfast I ate broccoli with red pepper hummus. I had to stop and have some without the hummus because it tasted so good. this is the first time I’ve had broccoli that didn’t come from the store. Oh what a difference! Guess I can add broccoli to the list of what I no longer want to buy at a store. My list keeps growing. First up, are strawberries which I won’t eat unless they come from a local garden, now I can add zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes…..I’m going to become the adult version of a picky eater 🙂


  1. My favorite buy last week from a local farmers stand was fresh chives. They smelled so good and tasted so good in fried potatoes. Also, I since learned I could dry my own chives to use throughout the winter. I was so excited to do this as I buy organic dried chives from the health food store and they’re very expensive and aren’t available in bulk. I don’t know why I never thought of doing this before. Oh well, live and learn!


    • That’s a good find. chives in fried potatoes sounds delicious. I have been using my dehydrator this summer. I’ve put up pineapple and will be doing peaches tomorrow, but I didn’t get any herbs yet.


    • It really is I wish I could show just how beautiful and peaceful it is with a picture, but I always fall short. We enjoyed a weekend of music and crafts there one weekend too. We spread out on the lawn for the music and the next morning there were children’s activities. The entire weekend was free, even the craft supplies were provided for the children.


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