Thrift store shopping

Smiling with her “new” purchases picked out.

I don’t shop much, but today was an exception.  Since my grand-daughter spends so much time here and loves to be in the gardens she can get quite dirty.  Mom tries to supply me with extra clothes, but lately with the crazy weather she doesn’t to remember to send clothes for the cooler hours.  We have been having highs near 80 and lows in the 40s it’s been crazy.  So off to the thrift store early this morning.   Much to my grand-daughters delight.

Heading out, I had to wrap her in one of my jackets because it was freezing out now that we have acclimated to nearly 100 degree days for three months.  57 was just too cold for the summer shirts and shorts her mom packed.   Wearing my jacket made her laugh and ask to have a picture taken. Definitely not camera shy.  Yep, that’s a flavored water pouch.  Mom began buying these because the carton says the packaging is recyclable.  She’s come a long way so I don’t say anything.

All ready to brave the cold.

Did I mention that this is the most inexpensive place to shop?  Due to the rising cost of utilities the prices of items had to go up.  Each item is now 25 cents!  With that in mind we headed to the little girls section to find size 4s.  I pretty much gave her the freedom to pick whatever she wanted and liked.  Here’s what she choose to wear immediately.  Since by the time we were done shopping it had warmed up to the low 60s I figured a sweat shirt should suffice.

Refusing to take off her new sweatshirt

I went a little overboard in the number of items, but only rejected her “wants” if they were stained. When I showed her a stain she was fine with putting an item back. Not sure why since they will be mostly to play in out in the garden, but hey I can be a little choosy.  Money collected from the sale of the clothing donated goes to buy school supplies along with underwear and socks for low income families in the local area, so I didn’t feel guilty buying extras.

Here are the rest of what she choose.

A pair of stretch leggings and a pair of super soft jeans
She can never turn down something in purple. Just a simple long-sleeved Tee
Nothing special, but every girl needs a comfy sweater.
She’s in love with cats, daddy just bought her a kitten this week. So when she spotted this cat from the Disney movie Aristocats she just had to have it.
Not sure what drew her attention to this as it’s very different from everything else she has, but you can never have too many sweatshirts for outside play
Again with purple, but it’s so soft I couldn’t refuse her.
Nature girl spotted butterflies so this was added to our pile.
And who can walk away from a cute penguin, not her!

At the end of the day, she had spent $2.25 of my money on clothes to stay warm when visiting grandma.  Not a bad morning.  After running them through the wash, I folded them and set them on the bottom of my Ikea cabinet with the extra bedding where she can easily access what she wants…..right next to her froggy quilt we made from a remnant fabric.

Already found a storage spot.

Have you done any thrift shopping lately?  What was your favorite find?  Are you curious about what others can find at thrift stores?  Here are a couple of links to make you want to head out and shop.




    • You and me too. I have no dental coverage right now (medical by no vision or dental) and wish I could afford a visit to the dentist! Vision exams are easily affordable, but not so with the dentists!


        • I remember those days. In 2002 I gave up being “blind” and saved up money for laser surgery on my eyes. While it was costly because my vision was so bad I’ve never regretted a day of it. Btw, when I say blind the doctor laughed because I couldn’t make out the large “E” on the top of the vision chart without glasses. It took a few years to remember I could see when waking up in the morning. Can’t tell you how many months I searched by hand for glasses to be able to see a clock before I realized I no longer owned them 🙂


  1. We do most of our clothes shopping at second hand stores – we can buy better quality clothing than we could afford straight out of the store. They always have great stuff and the savings is great, though I haven’t found one that has $.25 sales yet – that would be great! I envy you the good eyesight too – I spend my morning trying to find where I left my glasses the night before.


    • I agree, I can find good quality, even name brand clothes at the consignment store. Probably my most shocking purchase was little over a year ago, I was searching for winter clothing and found an angora sweater for $2. The thrift store where all clothes are 25 cents is run by a church. All items have been donated and the workers are all volunteer. It’s nice to have it though. It was there when we moved here in 1988 but back then all clothes were 10 cents. I can handle this type of inflation, one that doesn’t really hurt the pocketbook.

      As for my eyes, don’t be too envious, I spent over 40 years searching for glasses before I broke down and had the laser surgery. I hated that I couldn’t see 6 inches in front of my face without them.


  2. Love that you got all that for $2.25!

    I only buy second hand for my daughter. It seems silly to buy new when buying good quality second hand cheaply is so easy.


    • Yes, especially when they outgrow things so quickly. It just seems wasteful. When I knew my second child would be a boy as well as my first I thought “Good I can hand down clothes” Not they were built completely different. So second hand was my first preference.


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