Garden mistakes, not planning properly

I have avoided sharing a picture of one of our garden beds because the planning that went into it was….okay there was no real planning on this bed. Try to picture a raised bed 4 feet by 12 feet. Nice ha?  Now picture growing several tomato plants, cantaloupe, peppers, two rows of peas and finally a row of beans.  So this post is for Barbara Good at the New Good Life.
For those of you who have been gardening a while I’m sure you are laughing your butts off right about now.  For those of you who haven’t grown these crops…let me give you the short explanation.  All these plants love to spread out and grow on to anything they can.  Each and every one of them.  Okay now you are laughing too.

Here’s how it started.  My neighbor started her plants this spring indoors.  She started three tomato plants in one self-watering container.  But by the time she got them outdoors they were one huge plant.  Instead of separating them, afraid she would kill them, she planted them in the bed as one large plant.

She also started peppers indoors and added a few seeds to the bed as well.

Then I mentioned the local Agway had cantaloupe plants so she put that in the middle of the bed surrounded by rows of peas and beans on either side of it.

The problem now is that the plants are so overgrown they have no where to go.  They aren’t getting enough sunlight, especially to the tomatoes.  She rigged up netting to try and hold the cantaloupe plant up….but it’s a struggle to get to anything out there.  She has been trying everything to keep the plants separate, but it’s been a struggle.

Okay I’ve got your interest… Here are some pictures.

View from the west. At the far end by the chair you may see the pepper plants, next to them are peas with a row of beans behind them, in the very front (your right when looking at the picture) you can see some of the tomato plants. What you see sticking out on top in the middle is part of the cantaloupe plant.
North view, tomatoes in front. you can see the peas on either side reaching for the wildlife netting.
East view. here you can see the tomatoes to your left, peas reaching for the netting, and cantaloupe down the center. Can’t see the beans from any view I’ve tried to get.

So here’s a secret for any would-be first time gardener.  Even though the bed looks huge before you plant those seeds and starter plants remember plants that vine or spread need extra room.  In my neighbor’s defense she put in two pots this summer.  One had potatoes, then the other she put in the rest of what she wanted to eat, never thinking about the room they would need.  It’s her first ever attempt at gardening as well so go easy on her.

What’s the worst mistake you ever made gardening?




    • I haven’t tried watermelon. But when my kids were little I tried every year to grow pumpkins, I failed miserably until one year my son left his tiny pumpkin on the deck railing. We had a surprise storm and knocked the pumpkin to the ground. I forgot about it until spring when I couldn’t figure out what was growing in my flower bed. yep, I was growing a pumpkin plant from the “composted” whole pumpkin that toppled over the rail.


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