Who wants to be inside

I can’t wait for the weekend to be over and get back to normal life.  My daughter in law has been ill so I’ve taken the kids more than usual.  I’ve also been running her to have tests done, last one was this morning.  With the rain here and temperatures only reaching the mid 50s I have wanted to be indoors this weekend taking care of those neglected  indoor chores, guess I’ll hope for some rain to fall during the week.

It’s amazing to watch children who are taught to appreciate and respect all life be that plant or insect.   Since we don’t use a car there has been ample time to show the children how to treat the living beings around us.

Of course with the children around we have to be outside as much as possible since they love being in the gardens and taking walks.  I live near a cemetery which we walk through to reach town to avoid walking along the side of a minor highway.  As we walk through the cemetery, my grand-daughter has taken it upon herself to tidy the area up.  Any planters which have fallen over must be picked up, any statues which fall also must be set back up.   We haven’t told her the purpose of a cemetery, but she knows enough to know the flowers and plants aren’t ones we can pick.

This pot was filled with artificial flowers (due to abundant deer around), but that didn’t matter.  A few flowers were out of the pot and had to be returned to the pot before she could move on.

The cemetery’s willing volunteer

The gardens must be checked and weeded daily

Only a few remaining strawberries left

When we spotted a few beetles snacking on the strawberry plants we had to carefully carry them to the other side of the field to give them another leaf they could snack on.  Can’t deprive them of food, we can only show them which food we are willing to share.

Who says girls are afraid of insects??

Of course the children can’t always get their way, the rain will drive us inside from time to time.  We passed the time bowling (the pins are only an inch and a half tall) with a porcelain bowling set

No shoe rentals either.

What could be better than sand when the rains stop or are light?

What do you do with a hill of sand, make it a slide.

The cemetery keeps a large amount of sand and willingly let the little ones play in it, yes even though I have a beach directly across the street.  The children promised they would be careful and not disturb it too much if they could play there.  The caretaker thought that was sweet and agreed, especially after  he caught the kids picking up the trash and resetting the pots throughout the area.

After a hard day of work it doesn’t take much for them to fall into a deep sleep

Not even the crack of thunder could wake this one

I hear the forecast is calling for more rain tomorrow, maybe I can get to those indoor chores.

I hear quite a bit of the country has been getting some much needed rain. How are you spending your time while being rained out?



  1. Still wishing for rain here. It rained for about 5 minutes a few days back but that’s it. But… it only got up to about 80 degrees today… downright chilly! I needed to put on extra clothes! I decided it was finally cool enough to make a batch of chicken soup, which is simmering in the crock pot right now.

    Other than that I fear I’ve gotten sucked into the Ancestry.com vortex again. Was visiting my Dad yesterday and he dragged out an old family tree that one of his long lost cousins had put together 20 years ago. It had some tantalizing clues about the Slovenian corner of the family which has long been a mystery to us (since my father only met his own dad once or twice we know almost nothing about his dad’s ancestry.) The translation is that I was up WAY too late last night looking for tiny towns in Slovenia that seem to no longer exist.

    I think I have an appointment with Netflix & my couch now…


    • You think 80 is chilly try the 50s for a few days. It warmed up here for a couple of hours today into the low 60s but after weeks of high 80 and 90 temps I’m freezing. It’s hysterical seeing people who run around in shorts and no coats in the middle of winter covering up with hoodies and jeans this week. I’ve avoided the hoodie, but definitely wearing long-sleeves and a jacket.

      Good luck with your search for family. I have a couple broken links in my family. My great-grandfather died when my grandmother was 3, and at that time all contact was cut off from his side of the family so we know nothing about them. My father I barely knew and I know nothing about his family. I’ve finally given up and just accept what I do know.

      I’m with you on the soup. I made a pot of french onion today! Yum


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