Abuse of animals, because we can

Before retiring last night I felt the urge to watch a movie, and just zone out. Unfortunately, I choose one that upset me greatly.

The documentary is called Earthlings and can be watched here free.  The premise of this particular film is that every living thing that inhabits the Earth is an Earthling and humans are not better than other life forms.

I had heard plenty of times beginning with John Robbins books (Diet for a New America and others) that our food comes from animals which are treated in inhumane ways.  But this documentary had tears in my eyes to see how we treat the animals for our food, and clothes or the treatment unwanted pets receive.

There is a very good reason why society should have zero tolerance for the abuse of animals and children: because they are the essence of innocence, uncorrupted by society.  Dr. Carone of medfamily

To hear about abuse is one thing, to see it actually happening is another, which was exactly what I watched on this film.  It was like watching a wreck, it’s horrible but you can’t turn away. I couldn’t stop this film, I had to see it through to the end.

docile animals who are treated horribly

I am a vegetarian, I have never been drawn to wearing leather, but after watching this film I will not wear it in the future either.  Until last night I didn’t wear such things because I didn’t find them comfortable or particularly warm. Now it’s a moral issue as well.

I do eat an occasional egg or some cheese, but I will continue to buy from local farmers where I know how the animals are being treated.

Has anyone else watched this documentary? What did you think of it?



  1. I haven’t seen this movie but others like Food Inc, it makes me very sad to see how animals are treated. Why do humans in general think we are more superior?


  2. I’ve seen Food Inc as well, but it didn’t upset me nearly as much as Earthlings. I wish I knew why we as a society think we are so superior. If we really think we are superior we should show that by treating the “lesser” animals with dignity and care.


  3. I haven’t seen it and don’t know if I could handle it. I was vegetarian for 8 years, ate meat for 3, and am now a dairy-free vegetarian since May/June of this year. I only buy cage-free eggs and would like to look into finding locally sourced eggs. I just don’t like the idea of eating animals. My partner eats meat and dairy, but he is very good about trying vegetarian and vegan food when I make it, and is open to the idea of a more veggie diet. It hurts to see animals abused 😦

    I saw a friend post on Facebook recently “I’m an atheist because I don’t believe in superior beings, and I’m a vegan because I don’t believe in inferior ones.” Not to bring religion into it, but that really stuck with me. There’s no reason we should feel superior to animals. Except creepy bugs in my house, they can die.


    • I like your friends quote about superior and inferior beings. I have been trying to work towards being vegan, but not there yet. I do live around plenty of farms so I can get my eggs fresh and from a local family who take good care of their chickens/hens. Milk I couldn’t stand as a child and never got over that. As for the documentary, I am pretty tough but this one made me emotional in a way I never expected.


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