Holding out to have everything

Is this enough to make you smile at the end of a hard day?

I don’t want to  have it all, I just want to have enough — 30/30-150 by Stone Sour

No matter who we are, we can’t have it all, not even Bill Gates, and who would want to?  I don’t.

If you had everything, what could you possibly look forward to tomorrow, next week or next year?

While I don’t strive to have material things, you may,and for those people who have very little, including lack of healthy food or a safe home, wanting more is more than okay. It’s when we want more than we need that we find ourselves unhappy with the current state of our lives.

I do strive to have new experiences, learn new things, and to have the opportunity to be surprised.  Today was one of those days when I was surprised..here’s a question how big can a mushroom get and are these mushrooms?

Found these on a walk today

See, we will never know everything either 🙂

I am not immune to seeing something and thinking I want it.  Amazon is a great place to dream.  I see  something I think I want and I simply add it to my wishlist.  A few weeks later I have no idea why I wanted that item/book so much and I delete it.

How do you  deal with wanting those spur-of-the-moment purchases?

What do you have on your wish list you think you can’t live without?  Are you still holding out for the lottery thinking that will make everything perfect?  Can you live in the  moment and enjoy what you have as being enough?




  1. Living rurally seems to curb a lot of spur of the moment purchases. That, and we don’t make many purchases without saving for them first. It slows things down a lot and you forget why you needed that item to begin with.


    • No they are actually some form of mushroom. My son isn’t happy because his daughter took them home to show him and doesn’t want to throw them away. I had to explain to her that like cut flowers they will go bad and will need to be tossed out


  2. When I first saw those mushrooms they looked like soft toys!
    I agree with Heidi, that living in a semi-rural location has made it easier to resist spur of the moment purchases.
    I reviewed our discretionary spending over the past year, and have found that most of our spending has been on things that we have identified as being aligned with how we want to live.
    For example, growing our own food has meant we have bought gardening supplies, cooking from scratch has meant that I have replaced some kitchen utensils/equipment as they have broken with more sustainable or longer life products. Making home furnishings and clothing myself has meant that I have purchased fabric and sewing supplies like thread and sewing books. Exercising at home instead of expensive gym memberships has meant that I have bought running shoes and a few exercise workout dvds to supplement my collection.
    So not much extra “clutter” purchases, rather considered purchases these days!


    • Those are very good purchases. Like you I exercise at home, and I do repair items rather than buy new. I figure when we buy fabric to restore a piece of furniture we are prolonging it’s life rather than seeing it as an unnecessary expense.

      I am fortunate, where I live the residents in the building all have certain things they held on to when they downsized and share with others. So to put in the community garden we can all share the tools one family had, another kept his mowers, and so on. Before heading out to buy something we ask around to see if another person has it. Just yesterday I loaned out some threads for a project another neighbor is working on. It works well for us, but if I owned my own land I would have to purchase many things to have my gardens, it would be an investment in my eyes.


  3. I’m rural too, but I don’t really crave things anymore. Don’t ask me how, but I don’t have those desires anymore. I would still like the lottery win though, not millions but enough to live a simple life and pay the bills


    • I mostly crave books. My most recent items I wanted were a hot plate and a deep freezer. Without a stove I have a rice cooker and a slow cooker to make most of my food. I have a small electric pot for heating water from a yard sale as well. I keep tossing around the idea of the hot plate, but after living here for over a year I have made do and will probably never buy one. The freezer would be nice, but then I tell myself that dehydrating my food will work just as well, but eliminate the curse of losing all my food if our power goes out for any length of time. Don’t be surprised if I do finally break down and buy one, but when I do it will be because I found a good one used. Seems no one is getting rid of freezers lately though.


  4. Hmmmm… well, I’ve never had too much of a problem with spur of the moment purchases, because I’ve never really had much income to throw away! That being said, I do have my foibles. I tend to get all excited about this or that project and go buy all of the stuff to do it… and then I get a week/day/hour/minute into it and discover that it’s real work and lose interest or just poop out.

    Currently it’s been garden and yard stuff. I got all excited about improving my xeriscape this year and went out and bought a half dozen plants figuring that the heat wave would be over soon. Ha ha. One died… and I did FINALLY manage to get the last of the rest planted yesterday, though not in the glorious, dig-up-a-vast-chunk-of-lawn-and-weeds, thin-some-of-the-other-plants, and create-a-beautifully-landscaped-yard way that I had intended.

    I also have been working on growing a privacy fence for years… that is I planted some Virginia creeper along my chain link fence so it would grow over it and give me some privacy. My plan had always been to add some additional trellises to the top because it’s a rather short fence. So I went out and bought the fencing to add to the top… and that was… um… well at least 3 years ago. So this year I decided this was the year! UG. So I came up with a plan and did one section, but the fence posts I had to secure the new fencing weren’t tall enough. I did all sorts of research and found where to get the taller ones but alas, I seem to have pooped out on the project again. At least I haven’t actually bought the fence posts yet!

    And then there’s the garage that still needs to be painted after last summer’s hail storm… and the screens that need to be replaced… and the porch light that got smashed… and the deck that needs its rails painted… and the plan to dig an asparagus bed so I can plant some this fall… and don’t even get me started on the infamous rag rug project, or the insulated window shades… and.. and… and… I, of course, already bought all of the materials for these projects, I just need to DO them!



    • You always make me laugh. My spur of the moment purchases for the last few years would be in the chocolate category, Ahh look there’s a peanut butter snickers I just have to try that or one I finally kicked was the purchase of magazines. Nothing really big but then I’ve never really had the income either to do that sort of thing. My projects that seem to be left behind are of the cross stitch nature. I see one I love and start it then spot another I know just where I will put it and start that. I’m getting better about that.

      Now as to your painting, wish you lived closer. Painting is something I thoroughly enjoy doing and would gladly come over and do it for you. My boys try to keep me busy with painting jobs. I just did my youngest son’s kitchen and the end of this month will paint two children’s bedrooms for my eldest son’s new home.

      Also after raising two boys and having their friends in and out over the years I’m a pro at replacing screens 🙂


      • Well… years ago I had a real “pen problem.” Seriously, I couldn’t walk past a groovy pen in the store without buying it. This was before I started tracking my expenses and realized I was spending nearly $100 a month (that I really couldn’t afford to waste) on pens! When I finally had my day of pen reckoning I literally had several grocery sacks full! That was over 10 years ago and even though I gave most of them away, I haven’t bought a pen since and still have WAY more than I could ever possibly use!


        • I read your post about your pens and had a good laugh, as it reminded me of my spending problem when I was a teen. I used to camp every summer for 6 weeks at a muscular dystrophy camp, I made plenty of friends and wanted to keep in touch. I had so many people that I wrote to that I “just had” to buy every nice stationery I came across. Today, I no longer have pen pals and the urge to buy stationery is gone as well. I never reached the amount you did, but I had plenty still.


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