A surprising find

The heat deserted us for two days, returning tomorrow.  I have slept better these past two nights as a result and have been more productive during the day.Yesterday was downright chilly after weeks of 90 plus degree days, if you had been here you would have found me in a pair of sweats and a long sleeve tee!


Today, thinking it was going to be just as chilly out I made plans to clean the inside of my apartment.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite as chilly and the sun called to me tempting me back outside.

I finally made a deal with myself that after getting an area indoors spotless I would allow myself some outdoor time.  But to not feel guilty, I had to work while I was outside.

The only problem with that arrangement is that I love to work outside, much more than indoors.

So inside a couple of shelves and an old lamp I no longer used left with a new owner, the kitchen area was emptied, scrubbed and re-organized.  The mirrors were cleaned, along with the entire bathroom, and the carpets were vacuumed. It would seem like a lot of work until you take into account I have two cabinets under the counter top that make up my entire kitchen  and the entire apartment is 300 square feet 😉

See isn’t this huge job to tackle? Behind the one door I have a bag for recyclables and a fire extinguisher, behind the far left door I have two pans, a juicer, and currently my slow cooker, that’s it! the far right door hides cleaning supplies, and tools

I finally began to put up food for winter and currently have 2 pineapples in the dehydrator drying.  I just learned that store-bought dried pineapple is soaked in sugar for days before drying which is why it’s more like candy than fruit.  So this is the first time I have tried to make my own.  It helps that the boys don’t live with me any longer or they would have eaten at least half of it before it dried.  In some ways, I miss the years when they were growing up, but then I realize what a wonderful relationship I have with them now and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

My neighbor stopped by at one point and asked me what smelled so good, nice to know she enjoys the scent of pineapples

So I told myself I really did accomplish enough inside and allowed myself my outdoor time, of course I did this in stages.  Once the mirrors were cleaned, I went outside; once the cabinets were clean, I went outside; once the pineapple was on the trays and the dehydrator plugged in, I went outside…..Can you see how much I hate being indoors yet?

True to my promise I did work each time I was outside, see I can be good some of the time!  I pulled weeds around the seating area, and removed more dead branches, I began to clear out a vine that has wrapped itself around several more trees when I received quite a shock.  The other vine-y plant I wanted to pull turned out to be a large section of blackberries! By the time I finished it was too dark to get a good picture, but you can get an idea where they are in the picture below.

If you look to the far left you can see the vines where I found the blackberries.

Free food!!!  The berries aren’t doing too well, but then they have been hidden in weeds for a few years.  I spent the rest of my time outside clearing around them to allow them to see some sunshine.  It’s probably too late this year for a good crop of blackberries, but maybe my hard work will pay off for next year.

I still have things on my inside list I didn’t get to yet, and tomorrow should be another day I will have to make a pact with myself as I have a little grand-daughter arriving who wants to weed the strawberry garden.  Who knows what else she will want to do outside.  She won’t have to twist my arm too hard to agree to play outdoors.

Have you had any surprises lately?  I  hope they were all good ones.



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