So busy I could forget to sleep

My days have been so crazy lately I haven’t had much time to post much. I thought I’d give you an update on how things are going.  First the community garden…

My favorite flower, courtesy of pixabay

More neighbors are getting involved.  While it’s late to start planting much they have found other ways to help.  One neighbor in particular finally came to me to ask what he could do to help.  He is retired and used to have his own lawn care business.  He offered to mow the open areas while my friend is away fulfilling his National Guard duties.  His wife then informed me he didn’t want to take a job away from someone but really misses his business and has been itching to work out here.  So I’m now able to discontinue paying someone else to do work here for me that a neighbor wants to do.

Speaking of being bored, he also found a large rock and asked if he could move it over to our seating area for us to “name” the space.  I’m all for people contributing and accepted.  He’s so sweet, he wanted to put it where I wanted it, and wouldn’t do anything without me there.

Once the rock was in place, he sent his wife to me with a can of paint for the base coat on the rock.  So I painted the base coat yesterday, while he worked around the area doing things I hadn’t gotten to yet.

Painted white, waiting the lettering

Those jobs I hadn’t gotten to yet?  That involved chopping down dead trees, and to begin cutting down the weeds on the opposite side of the “seating area”.

section of weeds waiting to be cleared

Once the trees and weeds were cut down, I began the process of clearing the areas.  I had to leave a pile of tree limbs for my grandson to pickup today, as his favorite thing to do here is breakdown and clear away the fallen trees. If only they were as happy to help with chores when they were older.

Why doesn’t the heat stop a child from wanting to work?

Things are improving by leaps and bounds, giving the area a much-needed “beautification”.   The only problem I  am having with the process is that no one wants to do anything without my approval, so I am being called to watch and supervise anything people do no matter how many times I tell them they can do what they want.

How do you tell someone they are welcome to add a plant, or pull weeds without getting  approval from another?   This is where I am at now.  People see this as  my project and are helping but afraid to offend me, no matter what I tell them.

We took time to sit under the shade often and even used that time to paint a bird house.

While not real handy with paint, grandson had the job of picking out the colors
move in ready.

Of course you need to reward hard work with a little soft serve ice cream on such a hot day.

True enjoyment equals completely messy face


By late afternoon the heat finally took its toll and while little one slept near the fan, I got some cleaning done indoors.  How I wish I could do the household chores while still outside, although on days like today it would have to be in the shade.  Is everyone else feeling worn out by the heat?

tuckered out

We are working to encircle the section with wildflower seed with rocks to protect them.  I’ve had a suggestion to make another ring of rocks around this ring to plant bulbs for spring.  Then that area will have something blooming from spring to fall. It sounds like a good idea and there are plenty of rocks still to be picked up on the property.

Still waiting for the first flower


In addition to all the work going on outside, my son and his wife have purchased their first home.  The amount of appointments they have  through this process is staggering to me.  As a result I am babysitting my grand-children more often.  When I have the children, one of the perks of being a grandparent is the time available to dedicate to them. I have the luxury of putting off the chores till they go home.  But recently that has meant late night cleaning spurts just to keep up around here. It’s a good thing I have a small apartment or I fear the place would be a shambles right about now.

I have already been called upon to help them make decisions on paint colors and decorating ideas.  Once they move in I’ll be assisting in the actual work.  When it came to ideas for the kids rooms (they are only 3), I went to the library and picked up several books on decorating kids rooms and left them out to see if the children would pick them up. I have found that children this young are very clear on what they like, but don’t have the ability to put it into words, so allowing them to show us what they like is best and it’s fun to watch what catches their attention. Don’t you like to browse through magazines and books at rooms you like?  Kids do too.

They did pick them up and had a blast viewing all the pictures.   They had to show everyone what rooms they like and what they didn’t like.  It was eye-opening to their parents.  The son wants his room blue and kept showing us rooms he liked with primary colors, but always blue walls.  So mom and dad now know what they are going to do with his room. He’s also insisting he have bad guys in his room.  He then names Spiderman, Hulk, and Hook.  Hmm, I thought only Hook was a bad guy.  I do have a surprise for  his new room, I’ve commissioned an art piece to be done by the daughter of my neighbor, a very inexpensive piece I should add.

The daughter (also 3), surprised us completely.  She loves the Disney princesses and her favorite colors have been pink and purple.  But she picked rooms that were timeless.  She found she liked green walls, not pink.  She also picked antique metal bed frames in white and rooms with quilts on the beds.  She avoided all theme rooms which was a shock.  She did like a few rooms that showed hand painted flowers along the lower portion of the walls.  Now it’s up to mom and dad to put her ideas into a plan for that bedroom. And yes the same person is making something for me to give her for her room as well.

I feel like this summer is flying by. There is just so much to do and so much time spent with friends that I have very little down time lately.  I keep thinking our gardens are behind schedule, but then I hear about the lost crops all around the country and am happy we will at least have a small harvest.  How are your gardens faring?  Hopefully, the droughts won’t harm yours.




    • You know I am. It’s a hard to believe that a year ago I was depressed and living where I felt totally disconnected from not only people but from nature as well. I sometimes have to pinch myself to realize how good life is.


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