Living like a child

Fishing day for Daddy and daughter

My hometown has a lot of very special features going for it.  Yesterday we took advantage of a couple of them to the delight of my grand-daughter.  One of our favorite places is a group of platforms (five in all)  built for children and the disabled to have a safe place with easy access to fish in.  It’s also the only place  where you don’t have to have a license to fish.

It was time to introduce the three year old to the art of fishing.  I packed a picnic lunch while mom and dad filled the pink tackle box and assembled the pink fishing pole.  They stopped to pick up worms and met me at the platform.   She was so proud of her new equipment and proudly shared her purple fake worms with us to hold while she fished.  Fishing soon lost it’s allure as the fish were only stealing her bait.  She decided playing with the real worms was much more fun.

Worms can be a cheap pet!

She was upset with her daddy for cutting the worm she had been playing with because he gave it a boo-boo, so we told her it would heal just like her boo-boos. After lunch, we headed to a small playground a block away where she spent most of her time on the swing.  Even though we live in a very small town, we have 4 playgrounds within walking distance to choose from.

our fearless girl who wants to fly higher and higher
Nice to have the playground all to yourself

After the playground it was time to hit the beach.  Talk about a child filled with sand by the time she was done.

I hadn’t had her over night in a while so last night she wanted to stay with me, it was back to my house for a quick shower then she was back outside.  She helped water the garden, visited with my neighbors, then we came in for a late dinner of chicken and yogurt, and spent time reading books (from the library I keep her for the kids). Before bed we went out to watch the sun set over the lake.

She woke bright and early and had to immediately go outside to check the gardens.   We startled a bunny and an entire flock of birds snacking in the dew covered field to her amazement, you should have seen her smile watching the show the birds put on for us.

welcoming the day while still in night gown.

Then it was time for breakfast, getting dressed, and off to the sand to play.

It’s going to rain soon, but have to play first

Since I started the blog the kids have gotten used to my taking lots of pictures.  Today my grand-daughter asked if she could choose what pictures I took.  So we strolled around town snapping the following pictures. Hope you enjoy this look at summer’s pleasures through the eyes of a three year old.




She took more pictures but I’ll save them for another time.  On the way home she picked me some daisies and sweet william to fill a jam jar for my table.  I may try to carefully dig up a couple, as they are growing wild , and replant them in the seating area I have been working on.

We made it back before the rain started and just in time as I received a call telling me her parents had to pick her up at 9:30 instead of later.  We had a morning snack of oranges and read a couple more books, then it was time to say good-bye for now.

While our day yesterday and this morning seemed busy, we actually let things unfold as they wanted too and never checked the time.  It’s nice to take a stroll, or sit at the beach without a care for what we should be doing.  Instead, we did exactly as we wanted, when we wanted. pure simple living at it’s finest!

How did you spend your weekend? Hope you took the time to enjoy a few of life’s simple pleasures.  I think today I’m going to curl up with a book and listen to the rain for a bit. What are you going to do for yourself today?



  1. That sounds like a beautiful day! Your granddaughter is a doll and she takes very nice photos 🙂 It’s been a rainy weekend here. Yesterday we had a lazy day in the house. I hardly had any guilt about it because we’ve all been working so hard. Today it is back to working in the garden and yard!


    • We did. When I was young I thought I wanted a career and really didn’t know if I wanted to have children. Today I’m glad life changed the course I was headed as I can’t imagine not having my family and the experiences I get to share with them.


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