Expressing yourself when living simply

Not talking about diamond rings, just talking ’bout the simple things.  Ted Nugent

self expression starts young

Sometimes we think we want things, even need things, but when learning to live a simpler life you can still have the things you aren’t ready to give up, it can make the transition so much easier. So many of us have a love of jewelry, I sure did.  but like anything else, what we own can begin to own us, keeping us stuck in the past.

Here are a few jewelry ideas from my experiences:

  1. I kept all the jewelry I ever bought, or was given, it took up a great deal of space to store it all.  I realized I spent way too much time digging for what I still liked and wanted to wear, so I weeded out the pieces I enjoyed, sold or gave away the rest.
  2. Then I inherited all my grandmother’s as well as her armoire to store it all in.   A  friend took several of my grandmother’s favorite pieces and  made me one new piece of jewelry so I could remember her love of jewelry in a much smaller way.
  3. Having less I was able to also get rid of the armoire and now keep my favorite pieces in a wooden box I received as a gift. It was filled with tea but had beautiful red lining which makes a beautiful way to store my jewelry
  4. I allowed myself to pick up a couple of new pieces that reflected who I am today, I like silver and costume jewelry as I don’t feel I have to treat them with kid gloves.  This allowed me to wear something new that opened me up to embracing changes in the other areas of my life.
  5. Still enjoy jewelry, buy second hand.  Consignment stores are great places to find something new to you, but make sure you love it.

While I took the time to actually touch each and every piece as I took it out of my armoire, not everyone takes this approach, here’s how another chose to begin the process of decluttering jewelry. 

Does this have to be the real thing to be beautiful?

We grow and what fit us at one point in our lives may no longer suit us.  Weed through to what you love, and get rid of the rest.   Give yourself room to grow into the new you.  By using jewelry to make a statement of who I am keeping the old pieces that no longer fit, like clothes, kept me stuck in the past and didn’t allow for personal growth.

How do you express yourself?  Do you use jewelry, body art, or something else?  How do you continue to both express yourself and live simply?

You may also enjoy reading more about the process I went through to declutter my home so I could begin to live a more authentic and simpler life.

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  1. Since I have decluttered my jewellery I now have a small number of pieces of ” real” jewellery that I keep in a beautiful wooden box which my husband gave me. I can easily find the pieces that I love to wear, and I wear these pieces a lot.

    I also have some silver pieces, earrings, pendants and bracelets and a few strands of glass or wooden beads.

    I find that I have plenty of different looks with these favourite pieces, and everything gets worn.


    • Reaching for the beautiful wooden box to pick out the day’s jewelry is such a pleasure. At one time I kept my jewelry in a plastic box meant to store screws and such. It seemed wrong to keep something I loved so much in a container meant for a tool room.


  2. I used to love jewelry, but somewhere along the line I decided it was just too much trouble. I gave most of it away, put the few family pieces in the safe deposit box, and packed most of the rest of it away in the basement to deal with later. Now I just have one pair of silver earrings that CatMan made for me, and whenever I feel the urge for jewelry, those are the ones I wear.


    • Your husband sounds terrific. I am surprised by how many people are paring down the number of pieces they own, the advertisements we see through the year would make it seem like jewelry is still an important part of women’s lives. Maybe more people are simplifying their belongings than I thought.


    • Jewelry free? Wow. I don’t think I’m ready to do that. I could probably give up my earrings, and as for necklaces I rarely wear them. But I have a bracelet and 4 rings I wear every day. One belonged to my grandmother, one my son gave me when he was young, another I bought from a Greek artisan, and the final one was given to me on the day my grand-daughter was born from my son’s father to remember the day we became grandparents.


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