Slow living month 2

Thanks to Slow Living Essentials,  “slow living month by month”,  I have taken time to reflect on my life each month.  Also a special thanks for Heidi at Lightly Crunchy for introducing this to me.  Check out my first month of slow living here So here’s the break down of where I’ve done well and where I may need to do a little more work.

Nourish: To make and bake from scratch. Opting for real foods

I don’t bake, no oven, but I have been having simple foods like a bowl of oatmeal (and not from a packet those are so gross), a salad, and water instead of flavored drinks.  As this is something I have been doing for a while, it’s just a continuation of everyday life

Grow: to plant and  harvest.  What’s growing this month?

I haven’t done too well at this yet.  My strawberries have given me a few snacks, but only after I finally put netting up to keep the wildlife out.  Now I have found worms snacking on my cabbage, so who knows how much I will be able to put up from my own gardens this year.

Didn’t know I’d have to protect plants from worms

I have talked myself out of purchasing a freezer to put foods up as I already have a dehydrator.  Since my winter foods tend to revolve around soups using dehydrated veggies works easily.  I do plan to supplement my garden with foods from the framers market which finally opened last Wednesday.

This one isn’t as bad

On a good note I have  my first green pepper.  My grandson saw it before I could stop him and picked it for me, it’s a little small but sooo tasty.

being held by 3 year old, just right size for a taste of what’s to come.

Green up our lives:  Move towards home made cleaners, beauty products, and basic herbal remedies.

There isn’t much new to report here, but I have shared some of my best remedies last month such as garlic for warts, Listerine for mosquitoes, and this month I shared my secret beauty tip aloe for all skin issues from moisturizing to healing burns.

Prepare:   To stockpile and preserve foods with the aim of reducing our dependency on store bought items.

I really  haven’t done  much to stockpile foods for winter yet, make that nothing, but with the farmers market open I will be adding to my food supply weekly now and should have something to share next month.

Create: To fill a need or feed the soul.  To create for ourselves or for others.

This is where I guess I have put most of my energy (outside of family).  Work continues on maintaining the community garden, I work steadily on improving the seating area under the sumac trees as well.  With this heat it’s the one place we can go to find shade and a little breeze.

I love, love, love black-eyed susans. Planted this last night with the help of my two grand-children

I grab things to add as they come to my attention.  Here’s a view of the restored and repaired rocking chair on the left are marigolds, the black-eyed susans to the right and a hosta slightly further back in the middle.The white thing you see which appears to be pointing at the hosta is part of a tree stump my grandson was using to level the dirt.  Boys and dirt, can’t keep them out of it, but why try.

Still can’t keep the animals from snacking on the hostas

I planted a bag of wildflower seed which is supposed to attract butterflies and hummingbirds a week ago.  They are already sprouting.

Now just waiting for them to mature and give us a show of butterflies

Last night I weeded around the new sprouts, and began to encircle the area with some of the many rocks we have found on the property.  My grandson helped pick and set some in place before the rain forced us to quit.  But we really need the rain. How is the weather where you are? I hope everyone is safe and sound who lives near the tornadoes and wildfires.

beginning of our rock circle, not perfect, but I wasn’t going to quibble with a 3 year old who was proud of his efforts

Of course I’m not always outside, even if it may seem like it.  I rearranged things inside this weekend and was able to put my new nightstand in place, see out with desk, in with night stand to see how it was done.

no longer a desk

I am working on a cross stitch alphabet for my grandson’s new bedroom, the family has bought their first home and will close before the end of August.

It’s not all going to be blue, I’ll share the finished sampler when I am done

I already have a good start on July.  I will be driving down to see my youngest son and update his kitchen as his family’s Christmas present later this week. I’ll post before and afters along with the cost of a kitchen update when I return. We are considering using a brand new product by Rustoelum, so I’ll share my thoughts on it as well.

Discover:   Read to learn more about current interests.

I just finished reading the Farmers Almanac Gardening Guide,  currently reading a work of fiction by Stephen King a new installment of the dark tower series.

Enhance community

I would have to say my on-going improvements to the only shady spot around our apartments has enhanced the comfort of the residents.  The extreme heat we have experience has left us searching for a cool spot to relax.

I began clearing a seating area, and an area for the gardens because I enjoy doing things like this, it has had the added benefit of bringing people together.  When you do you will find others will find their own way of sharing.  As I began this sentence once neighbor knocked to drop off a couple slices of chilled watermelon, which I am thoroughly enjoying as I type, and another just dropped off two slices of cheesecake! This turned into one long sentence! You gotta love when people come together as a community!

Enjoy life: Embrace moments with family and friends and marking the seasons and celebrations.

We celebrated Father’s Day in a simple manner, and instead of expensive gifts shared a day together.  Then we have those moments where we share a special moment, sharing a first experience watching a woodpecker today is only one of many.    Here are a few more.


taking a break from the heat with ice cream

Family get-togethers are  rare with working schedules of my son’s but we live each one fully

Adults join in regularly

A week later we drove down to spend time with them, the drive giving me time to reflect on how good I have it, and the many choices I am free to choose from. I realized it is up to each of us to make the choices that best fit our preferred lifestyle and means.  When things don’t turn out as we would like, we can always choose to try another option available to us.

And of course a day doesn’t go by that I don’t take time to appreciate what I have around me with friends or family.  Here are a few shots from my favorite moments this month I took while spending time with those I love.

sunset over the lake
best friends
Full moon right around the corner
No two sunsets are ever the same over my lake.

I had planned to post this earlier, but we had the first major storm all year, worse than we’ve seen in several years, that knocked our power out. Fortunately, it was only for four hours.  My thoughts are with everyone who is dealing with much worst situations at this time.





  1. Great month for you – isn’t it good to see it all written down like that? I wish I could give you some of my overgrown garden plants for your community garden. We trade plants often with friends, but have so many still to be thinned out.

    I love the two colour marigolds – I’ve never seen that variety before.


    • It is wonderful to see it written down. It definitely shines the light on where I could be doing better, but of course that is balanced with the areas where I can see how good things are. I would love to share plants with you too. As for the marigolds, those tend to be the most common variety seen here


  2. Wow! I’m looking forward to seeing a photo of the wildfloers in bloom! Father’s Day? That sounds so funny! We do it in September.

    I enjoyed your post.


    • I can’t wait for the wildflowers either, I’m hoping we didn’t plant them too late. The nice thing about the internet, I learn something every day from others. Yes we celebrate Mother’s Day in May, Father’s day in June….I believe it’s Grandparents Day in September, but that’s never really taken off, people just don’t remember it.


    • I’m glad, the funniest thing is that I found Listerine worked well on mosquitoes, which eat me alive, but now that I moved, I no longer need it as we have so many bats here that there aren’t mosquitoes seeking me out.


  3. Great month, love what you’re doing at the community garden. This has been on my mind to get involved in, not sure if I have the time to squeeze a bit more into my weeks, but I would like to do something community minded. Your family gatherings look like lots of fun, I too love getting together with my siblings and parents, but we don’t do it as often as I’d like.


    • No, life makes it hard to get together for family gatherings. Weekends aren’t even open as one son works in retail and the other in corrections. We do try as often as possible.

      The community garden grew from several thoughts, the first was I wanted to clear the field for my grandchildren to play in to keep them away from the parking areas near my front door, the other was I wanted to clear weeds to have a shady spot to sit and have something nice to look at. Neighbors began to come out to help thinking I shouldn’t be doing all the work and then plots began to be put in and the rest is history


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