4th of July

Happy 4th of July.  I hope you had the day off and was able to spend time with your love ones, like I did.

I took today as it came.  We had a horrific storm last night, no tornadoes, but it still did plenty of damage.  It took 23 hours to completely restore power to our town, but plenty of people are still without power even tonight in surrounding areas.  It’s amazing what a difference a day can make as today couldn’t have been more beautiful for a day outside.  I had planned to write something else tonight, but I am so tired I am just going to share with you how I spend the 4th and call it a night.

So how did I spend the 4th?  Doing pretty much the same as every day.  My grand-daughter has had a cold and not up to being around groups of people, so instead of attending a large picnic she wanted to spend the say with me.

Humor, it’s essential for life

We weeded the garden, went to the playground, stopped for ice cream, and stopped to pick up a bag of animal cookies she asked to buy to share with her “friends” at  my house, which means all the neighbors who are so kind to her when she visits.  We  came home to find my neighbors digging up their potato plants.  It was a good harvest, and the little one had a blast seeking to find every last potato in the ground.  She shared her cookies proudly as well.

Playground all to ourselves


I found her holding and playing with a grub, and she carefully captured a grasshopper which were highlights of her day.  Another neighbor spotted a feather and gave it to her as a gift making her smile.

After digging for potatoes

By the time I had her cleaned up her family had arrived for dinner and fireworks.  The children had their first sparklers tonight as well (sorry no picture, some moments you just forget about the camera)

It was a good day for all of us.  I’m going to leave today with a few pictures of the damage resulting from our storm.  I’ll be gone for a few days, it’s time to redo a kitchen.  I’ll be back early next week.  Have a great weekend.





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