Out with the desk, in with the nightstand

Today I wanted to show you a project I finished last week, but haven’t been able to get a good after picture (should have done it outside like the before), I have given up and will share the best picture so far.

We had a total of 5 deer visiting us early this evening, but I could only get these two in the shot.

But first, as you know last week I was woken by the cable repair man, today I actually needed them.  I decided to rearrange my furniture and accidentally damaged the connection at the wall for the internet.  I was without my internet from Saturday afternoon until this morning.  Nice thing about living in a small town, the repair man was here 30 minutes after I called.

I kept busy working outside when I wasn’t cleaning and changing the apartment, the plants are coming along nicely, but worms are eating my cabbage plants!  Anyone have an idea how to prevent that?  I was thrilled to see worms, that is until now.  I always thought I wanted worms in my gardens!

This past week my grandson  helped me to re-purpose a piece of furniture for the apartment.  When I moved in the apartment came with a large dresser, a matching desk and a twin bed (with a mattress so hard the ground was more comfortable).  I had the dresser removed because I didn’t need it, and recently found a loveseat that was destined for the trash to replace the bed for extra seating. You can see part of the loveseat here.

Our pillow monster

Now it was time to deal with the desk.  After talking to management and learning they would toss it in the dumpster, headed for the landfill, I decided to re-purpose it as a nightstand.

My neighbor offered to help cut it down,  since I  try to avoid most power tools I gladly accepted his offer.  When he called and said he had 20 minutes available I wasn’t home.  I rarely lock my door (shh don’t tell anyone) and told him he could start without me and I’d be home soon.  I arrived just as he finished, so I don’t have a picture of the before, but you can use your imagination and try to picture it in one piece.

Two pieces are better than one.

I had my grandson with me, (we had been at the playground).  He asked me what I was going to do with the desk now. I told him I was going to sand it and paint it.  His response: Can I get the sandbox and have toys in my sand?  To show him what I meant I brought out the sanding blocks and showed him.  This was so much fun he told me to go away and he would do it.  By the time he went home there wasn’t any sanding left for me.  I have re-purposed many pieces over the years, not every piece needs cut.  Check out this dresser turned outdoor buffet here.

So glad he doesn’t charge me to have fun.

A neighbor wanted the side I didn’t have a use for, she’s planning to make a table top out of it.  Here’s the finished piece next to my bed.  The bottom holds library books for both the kids and myself.

I can’t seem to get a great picture, but I hope you can get the idea.   The paint was a hideous blue that just wouldn’t work.  Since it was free, I found some black paint, also free,  and added it to the blue until I had a color I could live with. You can transform just about anything into something you can use.  Jill has a thing about headboards, check out what she did with a few of her headboards for some inspiration, click here.

Free nightstand

Here’s a tip I learned from my grandfather when it comes to paint.  He would save the small amounts of paint leftover from painting a room by combining them together into one can.  When he had a full can he would use it to paint things like the basement stairwell, or the inside of the garage.  It doesn’t matter what the colors are, it won’t be as hideous as you may think and will save you money when an area rarely seen by guests needs an update.

There are plenty of wonderful ideas online to give inspiration, one of my favorites shows what you can do with a very worn and tired gun cabinet, it’s now a beautiful piece anyone would want. Or check out the refinished furniture party.  What was your favorite piece you transformed or re-purposed?

Time to say good night.


  1. Wow! I am impressed! I fear I have no furniture transformation stories to share because I completely lack the “decorating gene.” Seriously, my entire house has a late 20th century garage sale theme, and I figure I’m doing well if I can keep things reasonably clean and functional – making them pretty is beyond my grasp. The only thing that even comes close is the slip cover I made for my favorite chair out of an old set of sheets. I suppose I’ve cobbled together a few bookshelves too… but there’s a heavy emphasis on the cobble!

    Anyhow, congratulations on a project well done!


  2. Great rehab. I’ve made over many pieces of furniture with some regluing and some paint, but it never occured to me to cut something down to a usuable size before. I’ll have to take another look at the old desk in the basement awaiting inspiration.


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