Dog Days of Summer thorugh a child’s eyes

Ah to do somersaults all day

Do you sometimes wish you could live like a child with no worries in the world?  I don’t wish to relive my younger years, but I do enjoy when I can take an entire day and play like a child. Today was as close as I probably can get to living without a care.

A young child doesn’t ask what the temperature is or what he should be doing instead of playing.  He doesn’t beat himself up for enjoying the day or complain about all the bills piling up.

A child is in motion almost non-stop, following the beat of his own music. He won’t care if the toys are all over the floor, or what someone will think should they stop to visit when the house is in disarray.

If only we could recapture the playfulness and curiosity of youth.

taking a moment to watch a bird

A good friend, and personal landscaper who keeps the field trimmed, called yesterday asking if I could watch his three-year old today.  I decided to invite my grandson (also three) for a play date, his sister didn’t want to be left out, so I had 3 three year old children today. The first arrived at 6am, the next two at 11:30 am.  All three left at 7 this evening, so it was a busy day.

boys taking a break from the 88 degree heat

When was the last time you rolled down a grassy hill, just because you could? How many things could you find to do with one small hill? the children’s ideas were limitless.  They rolled, somersaulted, chased each other, sat talking, filled each others hair with grass…….

What is more fun than rolling down a hill

Time to check on the garden, there could be a snack ready to eat

no sibling rivalry today

Taking time to check on the wildlife is also important

first inch worm found today. One little girl had to carry him around with a flower so he would have enough to eat

Of course they need to come inside for bathroom breaks and to replenish water bottles.  They decided to to watch a movie during the hottest hour of the day.

When the mower arrived to trim the field we had to sit out of the way to watch.  Afterwards,  they each had to take a turn sitting on the mower.  Yes, we were responsible and made sure the key was removed!  Of course by this time all parents were here so there were 4 adults supervising (can you tell mowers and children make me nervous?)

Time to finish up and head home

Before the sun set I had some time to myself to reflect on what a wonderful day we had.  With fresh cut grass (and weeds!) the birds and rabbits entertained me for a bit picking through the clippings, then the bats put on a show.  I don’t know about you, but I love watching them fly about.

Finally I took a moment to enjoy the moon shining through a cloud.

May only be half moon, but it sure did shine

I can’t think of a better way to have spent my day.  How did you spend your day?  I hope you took time to have a little fun.





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