No Internet? Come back later I was sleeping

I was woken bright and early on a morning I had planned to sleep in a little.  Who woke me up?  My internet provider.  They were attempting to fix a problem with my service as their office showed my connection wasn’t working.  This would have been funny if it didn’t happen every few months.  I can hear many of you gasp at the thought of being without your internet connection. I didn’t, no reason to.

The problem is that there is nothing wrong with my internet connection.  Yes,  it’s nice to think I have such a wonderful company to deal with that they arrive to fix the problem before I even report it.  So why do they arrive every couple of months?  Seems they lose the note on my account that tells them I turn the power strip off when I’m not using my computer.

The repairmen, yes they are all men, are nice and polite, but they leave shrugging their shoulders and wondering why I worry about the drain on my electric.  They tell me, each and every time, that the modem uses very little power and I don’t have to do this. Although I hear differently, check out cable boxes and DVRs use more electricity than your refrigerator.   After checking in with the office, they inform me that I am still the only person who does this.

What a shame at a time when we are trying to find ways to cut our bills, and many of us are trying to soften our footprints that I am the only one in this area who thinks about this as an option to keeping everything plugged in all the time.  It really doesn’t take much to flip a switch on a power strip, or plug in a cord. Am I really the only one who turns off their electrical appliances and computers when they aren’t in use? How many of you have heard that turning off your modem damages it?  I’ve never had a problem with mine by turning it off.

A recent U.K. study found that the average household spend 86 Pounds a year in added electric charges just from stand-by devices.  That may not seem like a lot when divided down by month or day, but for the country as a whole that added up to 1.4 billion pounds!  Click here to read more.  Can you imagine the amount a country like the United States spends for these same devices?

There is a new note on my account, let’s see how long it takes for them to make another house call.




  1. I do that, too. First of all because of the wasted energy, and second because the wlan can do horrible things to your body. The radiation can cause headaches, prevent you from a sound sleep and can even cause impotence. There is no way I will leave that thing on when I do not use it. We even switch off the portable landline phone, because it will do the same. So yay us, we will be healthier and produce smaller eco footprints 🙂



    • I don’t have a wireless modem, so I am hoping I’ve cut down on some exposure. My last apartment had the fuse box for the entire building right at the head of my bed. Within just a couple of days I was sick, had trouble sleeping, and developed severe panic attacks that had to be medicated. Once I moved I was able to get rid of the medication and now feel fine. I am convinced it was that fuse box.


  2. I turn power strips off too. And not just because of the power issue. It’s also because of a lady in our neighborhood having a house fire from leaving her power strip on with her phone charger in it. Scary stuff!


    • I never thought of fires with the power cords, although I should have. Hope your neighbor is okay, we lost a home due to electrical fire in the wall, I was thankful that we were all awake and I got my children and dog out of the house safely


  3. I would probably do the same thing. We can’t, only because our house phone and our internet both are serviced by the same hub. If I unplug it, we have no phone. Otherwise, I wouldn’t leave something running just for the sake of always leaving it running. Wierd that it confuses them..


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