Crazy, Crazy Weekend

weekend comes to a close

This weekend was exhausting, but I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Two days of a yard sale, soccer games, and wandering around town – just because we could. We also ran into an interesting encounter.  Let me fill you in.

First, I decided it was about time I figured out how everyone else is able to create a blogroll, so I actually sat down and worked it out. Finally, I am able to share with you all the wonderful sites I have received support from in my transition to a simpler life.  I appreciate your patience while I work to get better at this.  Thanks everyone.

On to the weekend

My DIL asked if she could have her annual yard sale at my house as I get more traffic than she does.  She asked me for ideas for how to price her items.  I gave her my view on pricing which is to have a set-your-own-price sale.  I believe that if you no longer have a use for something you should let others have it for what it’s worth to them.   She decided to give it a try, the first item that was sold was a two-seater wagon.  She didn’t want to go lower than $5.  but was offered $20 instead.   Both buyer and seller were happy with the outcome.

Later in the day I learned that my DIL (who lives out-of-town) had a yard sale as well.  She came home with the same wagon we sold here.  She paid $10 for hers and was quite happy as is one little girl.

All ready for a walk

Took my grand-daughter to play in the sand (nice thing about living across from a lake), not long after we got there, she came towards me carrying what appeared to be a ping-pong ball, unfortunately for us, it wasn’t a ping-pong ball at all, her slightly too tight grip revealed what it was.  Talk about a sad little girl when I told her it was a bird’s egg, I’m guessing it was for a duck, but I really need to look it up.

not a ping-pong ball after all

I checked the rest of the area, not wanting to disturb a nest, but found nothing.

The first few minutes of the yard sale brought us a strange encounter,  A woman drove up and pulled out a box of paper plates and decorations for a first birthday and a beautiful blue vase and asked if she could set them out with our stuff.  I shrugged and said that was fine, then she walked over  and asked when my grand-daughters birthday was (only child at the yard sale) I told her September, she then handed my grand-daughter a $10 bill and told her to buy something nice she wanted and left.  None of us could figure that out, but I guess it made both the woman and a little girl happy.  My grand-daughter held tightly to her money and  wouldn’t let anyone else hold it either, it was hers.

We walked back into town so she could shop, where she picked out three toys and a bag of M&Ms she picked to share with mom and grandma.

The vase never sold, so I brought it home with me. I’ll fill it with stones (I’ll let the kids help me find the stones)  and add either a winter bulb or a candle to let the kids give their parents this  Christmas. It will be lovely on their dining room table in their new home.

free vase

Today while mom manned the yard sale, I took my grand-daughter into town, again.  The local college was hosting soccer tournaments all weekend.  She got to see her first soccer game, her favorite part was watching the kids bounce the ball off of their heads, what would you expect from a 3-year-old?

Three year old wanted to take this picture 🙂 Not bad for her first attempt.

On the way back she felt mom was missing out and asked to stop at the store to pick mom up a sucker.  The only kind they had was a blow-pop.  Since mom and dad feel gun isn’t good for the kids she  had never seen anyone blow bubbles with gum and was quite entertained by this.

Time for a snack

Since putting up wildlife netting my plants are doing quite nicely.  We picked the ripe ones for a snack, a few more should be ready in a day or two.  The netting works wonders and isn’t as distracting to look at, especially since I’m renting and the owner frowns on anything that isn’t pleasant to look at.

Sandbox becomes a raised bed. Can you see the netting?

During the sale, I picked through my 3-year-old grand-daughter’s outgrown clothes to take to my youngest grand-daughter, something I do each year to help both families out.  Here’s a sampling of what I found. All-in-all, I picked up 2 pairs of long pants, 5 shorts, 7 tops,  3 jackets, and 2 dresses.   All for $5, (and $8, from a suitcase I was about to donate to the thrift shop which sold at the sale instead).

Bandana anyone?
Perfect for summer dress up days
Every little girl need a girly jean jacket

So while I am exhausted, I had a wonderful time. I did have a little time to work, I was able to clear three baskets of weeds and had a few minutes in the evening to catch up with friends.

As for yard sales, in general, I don’t seek them out, it’s the same concept as  shopping for me.  If there is nothing I need, why shop, new or used, just for the sake of shopping,  it will only become clutter I will have to deal with later.

So how was your weekend?  Hit any yard sales?


    • OH how I miss my horse, I enjoy your posts about your horses, it reminds me of my experiences with mine. Your weekend sounds wonderful, and not as exhausting as mine, but I get to have those weekends too so it balances things out.


  1. Yard sales (we call them garage sales here) are totally exhausting, we have only done them when shifting and broke. They are great for recycling and I do love sifting through other peoples stuff and creating a clutter headache for myself. I quite like just taking stuff to the Opshop or putting on Freecycle these days. What a strange start to the day.


    • We refer to them by either name around here. I agree they are totally exhausting, I am bored to death sitting around all day, thankfully I had my granddaughter who wanted to take walks. My rule when finding things is that I can’t take any thing home with me unless I know exactly where it will go and it must be something I will get use out of, otherwise it stays where it is.


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