Hazards of living car free

I have been experimenting with living car free since April and am having the time of my life.  When my children were younger we lived outside of town, my youngest took on a paper route and as a result I became known as simple his mom, no one seemed to know who I was without putting me in context with him.

taking time to appreciate the view from the front of my apartment building

Today, all that has changed, not only do people know who I am, I am getting to know them.  So in addition to the money I am saving, the knowledge that I am consuming less, I have added plenty of new people to my life.

Great so what could be a hazard to living without a car?  No, I haven’t been injured, but I could have been.

While I have not been using the car, it turns out others have.  Here’s what I found when I moved my car today.

wasp nest

Turns out if you leave  your car sit for too long nature will find a way to use what you are not.  Luckily for me I didn’t get stung by any of the wasps that had called this home.  I’m not sure exactly where they had made their nest other than to say it was underneath the rear end of the car.  I found one more that was inside the door covering the gas cap! That one was considerably smaller.

Even finding this isn’t enough to get me to return to driving regularly, I’m just having too much fun enjoying the slower pace of life without the car.



  1. I live in a small town so I’m able to walk everywhere. I gave my car away nearly 15 years ago and never regretted it. As you say, people get to know you when you’re on foot, petting their dogs or simply calling out “hello!”. Five minutes’ chat on a street corner can make your day and theirs. Best of all, a man on a bicycle called out to me, “you still walk like a 17-year-old!”. I’ll be 66 in September! Keep up the good walk!


    • Small town living is fantastic, I moved here from a nearby city in my mid-20s and never went back. I haven’t given my car away but would love to find a way to do so. Wow! What a complement to have, I’m not as fortunate, but whether on feet or wheels (my wheel chair) allows you to really get to know others and connect in a way driving just doesn’t.


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