Enjoying the fruit of our labor

The gardens are coming along nicely.  We are still battling the wildlife, but may have found a way to keep them from eating everything in sight.  Instead of an overgrown field of weeds we now have areas for seating, both in shade and in sunny spots,  Of course this is a work in progress.    Here is a picture of an area we haven’t gotten to yet, the whole area looked like this.

Here is an area we cleared for shady seating, you can see the restored rocking chair I finished a couple of weeks ago.

To the right you can see part of a bench my neighbor and her boyfriend made for us, the first project they completed together.  Here is a better picture of the bench.   I think it came out beautifully.   We decided to leave some space between the chair and the bench so people can have a little distance if they want, or they can pull them together for groups.

The deer have pretty much left our potatoes alone.

Here we have tomatoes, peppers, peas, carrots, and cantaloupe started.  The deer began to nibble at the tomatoes and three of the pepper plants so we  have purchased wildlife netting to enclose the plot and see how that works.

My grand-daughter wanted to help me plant the latest bed, so here she is with her mom putting in strawberries. I think mom felt a little left out, but that gave me an opportunity to get this picture.    I also have peppers and cabbage in this bed.

Of course the berries have been popular with all the wildlife.  We have caught birds in there as well.  So we are going to put up some of the netting and see how that works.  I still have a little more room in this plot and am considering adding more berries or possibly cantaloupe.  What would you put here?

The hostas in the seating area I thought were safe, I found them doing well until I cleared  the weeds around them, but since exposing them they have been nibbled on so I”m not sure we will ever have healthy hostas.

In addition to these areas, we also  have 2 dwarf apple trees planted (behind the seating area) and a lilac bush.  So far the deer are nibbling at the apple leaves, but have left the lilac bush alone.

We found a wild rose-bush growing when we cleared an area and are leaving that for now to see how it does, but I’m told it could strangle out other plants and trees so only time will tell.  this coming week we are planting a large row of raspberries, keep your fingers cross that the humans actually get some of that harvest.

Not only are the neighbors enjoying the newly cleared land, but so are the children. Here they were pretending that a cluster of sumac trees was jail (daddy is a corrections officer).

We have things growing indoors  as well, such as lettuce, since we haven’t figured out how to protect them outside.  Today my neighbor had way too much lettuce ready for eating and sent some down to me.  I had a delicious salad for lunch.  It was amazing how flavorful the lettuce was having it fresh like that.

How are your gardens coming?  Is there any one else out there who is growing food indoors as well?



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