The Yin and Yang of life

Today I stumbled upon a quote that resonated with me and a story which seems to be the  complete opposite.  Here is the quote:

Is the minor convenience of allowing the present generation the luxury of  doubling its energy consumption every 10 years worth the major hazard of exposing the next 20,000 generations to this lethal waste.   David R. Bower

When I read that, it reminded me of why I am choosing to live as I am.  I am trying to do my part to cause as little harm to the planet in the hope that future generations may be able to enjoy the beauty I grew up with.

I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all. Laura Ingalls Wilder

Of course  not everyone can or should live as simply as I do.  A studio apartment would not be suitable for a family, for instance.  But it works for me.

My youngest son and his family

Of course there will always be an opposite to everything, there is an opposite way of living from how I choose to live and that was what caught my eye about the following story.

So what was the news I heard today?  Bigger homes are making a comeback.  Home builders are reporting that the trend to buy a smaller home which began in 2007 as a result of the economy, is no longer.  KB home [builders] are reporting that more buyers are choosing homes larger than 3,500 square feet.

So I’m wondering what do you think the percentages would be of those living in homes larger than the average and those living in smaller than the average, with the current average home size being 2,480 sq. feet?  I guess I’d like to believe that the percentage of those living in smaller spaces and embracing a more simple or frugal lifestyle outnumbers those who want the large McMansion.


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