Skin care, natural and inexpensive

Skin care can be costly only if we allow it to be.  I have very little I use on my skin and other than the dryness that I experience during the winter months, I am happy with the result.  How much do I spend a year?  Less than $20.

Our skin is our largest organ.  It needs to breathe just like our lungs.  By putting chemicals on my skin I am blocking it from doing its job which is to protect the inner organs from the outside elements.  I want my skin to breathe and yes even sweat.  With this in mind, I try to follow the rule of not using anything on my skin I wouldn’t put in my mouth to eat.

I wash my face with hot  water.  If I am experiencing dry skin during the winter months I use a honey and  raw sugar scrub to moisturize and heal the skin.  I use just enough sugar to make it gritty. Apply to dry skin, massage in, then rinse with warm water and cotton cloth, old t-shirts work well.    The honey is a natural healer and helps restore the vitality of the skin.

If I’ve been in the wind or sun for too long I use a little aloe gel from one of my plants before retiring for the night.  Just break a tip off an aloe plant and rub it over your skin, by morning my skin  glows, and looks so healthy it amazes me still.

If I have a break out, yep even at almost 50 years old I still find an occasional pimple, I use aloe.  I apply a little aloe on the area when I first feel it forming under the surface, before its noticeable to anyone.  The aloe reaches deep down and cleans the pore so it never reaches the visible stage.

Even though I have very light skin, I have never used sun screen, but take care after being in the sun to spread a little aloe on areas that have been exposed to the sun.  I would rather put something healthy on my skin after sun exposure than to have the sun bake chemicals into my body through my skin.

I still use a body wash that is made from a vegetable soap, but am looking for a recipe which uses natural ingredients, anyone have a good one, I’d appreciate it if you could share it with me?  What do you use on your skin?



  1. I may have to try the honey thing for dry skin. I miss my aloe plant. I had to give it up because my crazy cat kept knocking it over and trying to eat it!

    My skincare routine is pretty nonexistent. I use hot water and very occasional unscented glycerin soap. The soap is just for washing hands and the um… obvious smelly parts. I never considered soap to be “un-natural” It’s just oil that has been saponified with lye.

    But I suppose if I wanted to try to go even more radical I might consider using a baking soda wash instead – that’s what I use for my hair. I’d probably skip the acidic rinse for skin though… although maybe not… I think I’ve read that skin is supposed to be acidic. Hmmm…. got me thinkin’ now!

    For shaving and moisturizing I just use jojoba oil. A little goes a LONG way and it works really well. In the past I used to use something called NaPCA which, I believe, is some sort of salt that our skin naturally produces. It’s not at all oily but helps the skin retain water, so it’s nice for hands when you don’t want them to get oily or greasy. I still keep a bit on hand for use during the winter, but it’s a bit pricey so I don’t use it much.

    And as a redhead I can’t totally get away with no sunscreen, but if I take 500 mg of PABA (orally) before I go out in the sun, I’m much less likely to burn.


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