New trends not the best choices

I recently heard that anything we need we can find produced locally, and if we can’t find it we really don’t need it.  I”m not sure how true this is any longer.  Growing up, I believe it was true.  I can recall my grandfather purchasing certain items for the home that were made by General Electric because they were made here in the United States and because as an employee he received a refund of part of the purchase price as well.  That’s no longer true today.

What the people want is very simple.  They want an America as good as its promise.  Barbara Jordan

Yesterday, I headed into town to purchase plants for my garden, from a locally owned business and needed a couple of things.  I stopped at the local grocery store, the pharmacy and finally the dollar store.  What I needed were children’s toothbrushes and a pair of kitchen scissors.  I found plenty of each at all three stores, yet not one was made in the United States.  Scissors started at $2. and went up to $15, but regardless of the price every single pair were made in China.

This photo is from the back of a package of children’s toothbrushes.  The company name is Rexall, that used to mean American, but as you can see it’s made in China.

My hometown was a place of manufacturing, we had foundries, paper plants, and many other shops. Today two are left.  So much of what we wanted was produced right in our town.  We could buy refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, and even our televisions.  Finding textiles made nearby was easy as well, finding them made else where was more difficult.  Today, I can’t find any clothing made in this country.

Why are we still called an industrial country if we don’t make any thing any longer?  Why should we care where our products are made when we shop?  Not only can shopping locally keep our dollars in our community, but buying products made in our own country ensures jobs for our citizens.

If you are like me and try to find things produced in the United States check out this site for a list of companies who still produce their products here.

 Disappointment with my local grocery store

After picking up plants for my garden I then headed to the grocery store for a few items.  The first thing I was confronted with was a huge change in the produce section.  The availability of the organic foods has been virtually eliminated with the exception of carrots.

Where we could find our greens and other vegetables, we now have a large refrigerator case of prepackaged salad mixes. No they didn’t move the loose greens, they totally eliminated them.   I was stunned.  The variety of vegetables is now limited to what can be purchased ready to eat in a bag!  I sure hope we have a good season in the garden and farmers markets so I can put plenty of food up for winter because I won’t be able to buy much I want any longer at the store.

At a time when we find our budgets stretched from every direction the last thing we need to learn is that we have no choice in how we purchase our produce.  A bag of romaine is nearly 3 times the cost for less product.   I’m not totally against a bag of salad when you find you don’t have time to chop veggies for a salad, it’s a better option than driving through the fast food establishment, but I want a choice.  I think it’s time to do some serious complaining locally.

Gardens are finally taking shape

Our potatoes are doing well, and today my son arrived with his wife and daughter so I could keep my promise to let my grand-daughter help me plant the next raised bed.

We put in strawberry plants, cabbage and bell peppers. It’s wonderful to watch the excitement of a young child getting to play in a garden.    She quickly got the hang of putting the plants in and packing the soil back around them. As you can see she is wearing her rain coat.  We went out in the light drizzle to get the plants in as  no rain was going to stop her.

Afterwards, we wandered the field and collected wild strawberries which delighted the little one, she was proud of collecting her own snack.

Is my town unique?

I’m curious, are you finding the same thing at your local stores?  Can you find locally produced products, or at least products made in your own country?  Are you finding convenience foods pushing out the freshest options too?


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