Reflecting on slow living

Christine at Slow Living Essentials has started  slow living month by month in which she is working to increase her self-reliance.  Christine has come up with 9 goals she is addressing each month.  I decided to join her in her slow living goals, and if you haven’t already I encourage you to check out her blog, it really is inspiring.  Below I will list each of her goals, and see how they have come together in my life.

Slow living goals

  1. Nourish: Here is where we take care of our foundation, our health by eating less processed foods and take-out and enjoying more home cooked meals.  I really don’t write much about my foods and eating habits but I am a vegetarian, and try to eat locally.  Without a stove I don’t bake, but I do use my crockpot for making healthy soups and other foods from scratch on a regular basis, but I eat very simply, salads, fruits, or hot cereals.
  2. Prepare:  Here is where we stockpile and preserve our food and reduce our dependency on store bought foods.  I have currently used up all the foods I had dehydrated last year and do need to stock up on a few more bulk foods in a few weeks.  I have decided to add a freezer to my small apartment to store more foods for winter this way, still pricing them but will let you know when I do purchase it.
  3. Reduce: Reduce is about reducing our household waste, I did write about reducing my waste in reducing trash, this will continue to be a work in progress.  Most of my trash comes from the packaging on my produce, with the start of our farmer’s market beginning this month that problems will be much reduced.
  4. Green up our lives: Here I look at all the ways I have eliminated chemicals from my cleaning, and beauty products.  I recently wrote how you can avoid mosquito bites, and garlic for warts.  I have no chemical cleaners in my home, I use baking soda and white vinegar for just about all my cleaning needs, with a little vegetable soap added for some chores. I don’t use much in the way of beauty products but do use aloe and honey for wounds, and dry skin.   Check out my Green page for more on how I live green. I also shared more ideas for  greener lawns, Bottled water and how I avoid buying it, 10 ideas I’ve experimented with are my goals for living greener,  and of course the biggest change in my life attempting to live car-free.
  5. Grow/plant/harvest:  This is easy, moving into my new home last May I immediately saw potential for a large overgrown plot of land outside my door owned by the management company.  A neighbor and I called to see if we could use this and began clearing and working on creating a community garden in the space.  You can learn more by reading Our community garden. As you know much of what we have grown has been devoured by our deer, but our potato plants are thriving as well as a tomato plant.
  6. Create: As Christine put it we need to create to “fill a need or feed the soul”  This can be creating something for ourselves or for someone else.  My latest project was the restoration of a badly-made, and in horrible shape rocking chair I saved from being tossed in the dumpster, you can see before and afters here.  My next project is soon to be started, I’ll share soon.
  7. Discover: This is about learning, reading texts to learn things relevant in our lives.  I have been reading quite a bit on gardening and how to save our gardens from the deer.  The best book I found is called Deer Resistant Landscaping.  But I mix it up with fiction, or I get bored. Earlier this week I finished Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, it was different, but I loved it.  Today I finished daughters-in-law by Joanna Trollope.
  8. Enhance community: Community is important to me, I grew up where I knew all my neighbors and we helped each other out  and shared what we had.  I recently wrote about how I give back to those around me.
  9. Enjoy life: This is about family moments and marking the seasons and other celebrations.   My family is very important to me, check out this is what life is all about, you can check out Memorial Day and my reason for being thankful, weekend of no-cost waste-free fun, and 20 ways to have fun while living simply.

A year ago, the only things  I could have said was that I put my family first, read quite a bit, sometimes created something, and rarely took time to nourish myself.  I’ve come a long way in such a short time.   How are you doing slowing the pace of your life to enjoy each day more?



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