Taking time to recharge

Living simpler doesn’t mean we immediately stop the bad habit of over-working ourselves.  Even something we enjoy, can quickly become too much and we can forget to properly take care of ourselves.

Some days what we really need is a short nap, to recharge.

For the last week and a half I have been staying busy from the time I wake till I retire.  I have had little down-time to relax. The weather has been beautiful, so unlike what we are used to in this part of the country.  I have been spending all my free time taming land that has been allowed to grow wild for decades.  While I love the weeding and seeing the clearings form under the trees, I have probably been working too long and hard.

I woke to a beautiful sunny morning which quickly changed to an early afternoon of thunderstorms.  I decided this would be my down day.  I came inside and picked up a library book which was highly recommended to me by the librarian.  Before long, I found my eyes wanting to close.

At first, I vowed I would put the book down and start cleaning the bathroom, then I realized I haven’t taken any time to just relax for more than a week and with the sounds of the storm I laid down and soon fell asleep for a short nap.

An afternoon nap, or siesta, is know to have been practiced in Spain and Spanish cultures for decades.   In these cultures, things shut down in the afternoon to allow people to spend time with family and friends and to get some rest.  This practice can actually be good for us.

Here in the United States, there are many stigmas attached to napping, which is seen as only for the very young, sick, or elderly.  It’s a shame really that we have been taught that we should only sleep our required 8 hours at night and nothing more. I never thought much about it before, but read here that 85% of all mammals take periodic rest periods with humans are in the minority.

Should we really wait until we run ourselves down to take the time to rest?  Want 10 good reasons to take a power nap, click here.  I don’t know about you, but I think we should schedule some down time into our days more often.

Today’s storm not only brought us much needed rainfall, but gave me a moment to realize I needed rest.   We can recharge in any number of ways, such as meditating, taking a nice long bath,  taking time to curl up with a book in a shady corner now that the weather is nice, to even just stopping to take a nap.  Today a nap was just what I needed.

How do you find time to recharge?  Are you better than I am at making sure you have time for yourself daily and not overdoing things, even things you enjoy doing?



  1. I do try to get lots of rest – mainly out of necessity. If I want to keep up to the rest of the family, I have to know my limits and rest when I can. And I have a farm boy partner to do the heavy labour and bendy stuff. It works.

    Naps are great! I should take more of them on the weekends.


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