Here’s what life is all about

Having my son and his family in town for a visit was so fun.  My grand-daughter is now almost 15 months old and it’s hard not having them closer so I can spend more  time.

I brought the rocking char inside for extra seating, it was the first thing she spotted and her favorite place to sit while we were inside.

We had a quiet Sunday night where I got to be entertained by her,  as she had so much she wanted to show me that she could do.

After breakfast her cousins arrived to show her around town.


We headed off to the park.  Being a holiday we choose a smaller park that wouldn’t be crowded and had the place to ourselves.  Living in a small town we are fortunate to have four very different public playgrounds to choose from.  Every one got in on the act and had a lot of fun.

After a packed lunch of sandwiches and fruit salad we headed to the beach (right across the street from my home) for the kids to play in the sand.

Of course sibling rivalry doesn’t exist when they are having fun.


It was a fun day, but after the beach all three children needed a bath, the two older ones didn’t want to be separated from the younger cousin so all three took a bath together, you should have seen my tub afterwards!

Of course the visit was way too short and two little girls are going to miss each other terribly until they can be together again in two weeks.

I’m exhausted and I think the children were just as worn out, but this is what life is all about…family and the relationships that come from being with those you love unconditionally.

How did you spend your Memorial day?  I hope you had as much fun as we did.


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