Slowing Down: 10 Simple ways to enjoy your weekend

The weekend is half over, what have you done this weekend?  If you work five days a week, it won’t matter which days you have off, take the time to slow down.  We need to make the most of our free time. Making the most of our free/off time doesn’t involve the ever-growing to-do list.  Here are ten ways to make the most of your weekend.  All work and no play?  Not this weekend!

10 Simple ways to recharge and enjoy your weekend

  1. Put down the to-do list It will be there tomorrow or whenever you get around to it.  If the task is all that important you will remember to get it done.
  2. Make simple meals.  Don’t slave in the kitchen.  With summer just around the corner have a bowl of fruit, a salad, toss things in a slow cooker or even grill your meal outdoors. Don’t forget to consider that old favorite peanut butter and jam sandwich, what could be easier? Choose meals that are easy to prepare and even easier to clean up.
  3. Put away the watch.  You schedule so much of your time, just for today take off the watch and avoid the clock.  Eat when you are hungry, play when you want.  See how freeing it is to live outside the confines of time.
  4. Unplug  Let the answering machine or voice mail take your calls.  We don’t have to be connected at all times.  If you have someone who loves to call just to chat with no purpose (I do) choose when that time is good for you today.
  5. Live the day like it could be your last.  If this were the last day you had how would you live it?  Would you clean out the garage or go to the beach?  Spend time with those you love, or alone if that’s what you need,  doing exactly what you love.
  6. Sleep in and live in your pajamas today Don’t have any thing pressing? Cleared your calendar? So sleep in and don’t worry about when you get dressed.  Many people who work from home work in their pajamas or other comfy clothes.  See how it feels to just be comfortable for one day.
  7. Skip the news.  Better yet skip the television all together.  If you are in the habit of trying to keep up on the news, it will still be there tomorrow.  If it’s important trust me someone will call and let you know.  Instead of watching reality TV, live your reality and make it better than what you would have seen on TV.   If the silence starts to drive you nuts, consider listening to music.  When is the last time you dug out your favorites and just listened to them?
  8.  Lay off the caffeine.  Are you addicted to your coffee?  A cup in the morning isn’t too bad, but if you drink coffee all day chances are it will make it that much harder to slow down and relax.
  9. Learn to say NO.  This is your day, don’t spend it saying yes to others wishes.   If the request is something you would normally gladly do for another, let them know you would be happy to do it tomorrow.  Learning to say no when you want to is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.
  10. Go to bed when you are tired.  Too often we stay up later than we would like, short-changing our beauty sleep.  We think we have to cram as much into each 24 hour period as possible.  Since you have tossed out that dreaded to-do list, you have nothing keeping you up late for.  Get some sleep.

Americans work more hours and have less vacation time than people in many other industrialized countries.  We also tend to have more stress as a result.  How do you unwind?  What would you like to do today that you have been putting off?



  1. Hi, just found your blog…

    I like the point of simple meals. When it comes to the weekend, I would much rather spend time with my family and friends than concocting something with lots of different ingredients, processes and cooking utensils.


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