Customer service makes all the difference

Today I joined my daughter-in-law and my two grand-children for a day of grocery shopping.  What is usually a mundane chore became one of excitement.

It’s not often that you will shop for groceries and find workers who take the time to share unique finds with you and the children, but today was one of those rare moments.  In addition this was Friday and like most stores had samples of food out, but here the food choices were of healthy whole foods, what a surprise.

Pesticide-free flowers and organic produce is first up

As we entered the store we normally enter into the produce section which is the best in the area.  They carry the largest variety of organic fruits and vegetables of any of the stores around.

While it has been quite pricey in the past to eat organically, choosing organic has plenty of benefits for your children too, want to know more click here Today we were greeted by fresh and pesticide-free flowers and plants.  They were beautiful and smelled wonderful.

As we worked our way through the produce, finding everything we wanted we moved on past the deli section where we were offered samples of goat’s cheese and brie, along with dried fruits, walnuts and crackers.

At this point the children were happy, they had been given an opportunity to help choose the produce and natural foods they wanted and even a bouquet of tulips, it would have been a successful trip just in that, but it got better.

On our way to the meat counter we are waylaid

Next up was the seafood section. We hadn’t planned on buying any seafood today, so were heading past to find the grass-fed beef and organic chicken. Why grass-fed is better.  The first person to notice the children asked them if they had ever seen the tongue on a salmon.  Before us were two beautiful fresh salmon surrounded in ice.  I had never seen this either, and was amazed by both the tongue and how sharp their teeth were.  We were next offered a sample of salmon with a lemon pepper sauce, which my grand-daughter tried and loved.

As we were sampling the salmon another worker arrived and offered to remove one of the lobsters for the kids to pet. He showed them how you can “tickle” them on their underside.  When he did this the tail snapped up spraying us with water, which of course what child won’t find that funny?

Need to stop and browse the reading section

I wanted to browse the reading section and noticed a cute little set of comfortable child’s seating with table set up for taking time out to read a couple of stories to the children.

At the checkout, when we were asked if we found everything okay by our cashier, the children excitedly relayed the events of the day, much to her amusement.

A store with a true mission

At one time, this store was the priciest of all the grocery stores, but they have changed a lot of what they do and now their prices are comparable, if not lower, on most items found there.  They have made a stand for health and have eliminated the sale of all tobacco products as it doesn’t fit with the image they want to project. Only a handful of stores have chosen to eliminate tobacco products from their stores, if you want to see a list of stores who have done this, click here.

All it takes is a couple of minutes of their time to make the shopping experience with children one of joy.  Our ride home was filled with the two three year-old’s talking about the fish…for an entire thirteen miles! It wasn’t until I sat down to work on this article that I realized I too had been so caught up in the days events I hadn’t thought to snap any pictures.

Today’s pictures, except for the children’s picture, are from


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