Most valued benefit from minimalist living

There are plenty of benefits to minimalist living.  The added savings from passing on consumerism, more free time from both needing to work less to earn money and from fewer chores, time saved balancing the checkbook…but there is one benefit that I find most valuable to me.

Until this week I would have had a hard time picking the one thing that has changed the way I lived the most since downsizing my life.  Sure I love all the things I mentioned along with the time I have found to do more of the things I love like spending time laughing with my grand-children, time to just go for walks because I feel like it.

But here’s the thing, in order to make a small space work everything needed to be pared down to just what I needed and used on a regular basis.  In addition each item has its spot so I will know just where it is. Like goes with like.

This week a neighbor asked me if I had sandpaper.  Of course I do.  I went right to where I keep the sandpaper and was able to tell her immediately what grades I had available.

Before I made the change to a simpler life, I would have gone to where I normally keep the sandpaper, but then would have been sure I had more and would have searched other spots to see where they could be.  The time I spent doing this would have wasted plenty of my day, and usually been for nothing as I probably wouldn’t have found it, at least that day.

Before I uncluttered my home I lived in an apartment that was 450 square feet. I had zero closets!  I had to be creative to store my tools, holiday decorations, clothes, and so on.  Today I live in a 300 square foot apartment.  I have one very tiny closet and that is mostly empty.   Yet even with so little storage space,  I was able to make this place work much better than any home I’ve had before.  It’s a great feeling.

How much of your time do you spend searching for something you just know you have, to not find it, or maybe find it days later when looking for something else?  I spent way too much time doing just that, but no more.

So the one benefit of living a minimalist lifestyle that has made my life so much more improved would have to be that I know where everything is at all times.  It is the one benefit which has allowed me to reap the other benefits I now take for granted.  What is the one thing that makes your life smoother and less stressful?



  1. We are not finished our decluttering yet but… our family of four had 4 adults and 3 extra kids for dinner last night and I only had tidy up a little bit! I was home from work by 5:08 and guests started arriving at 5:30. Plus I had time to change. I was not ashamed at how the house looked. I would not have been able to say that 3 years ago.


    • That’s fantastic, and sounds like you had a wonderful evening. We shouldn’t have to worry about how our homes look when we have guests over. It took me nearly six months to pare down my home and create what I wanted, and it was only me. I don’t want to think how long it might have taken me if my kids were still at home. Some days I don’t think I will ever be done, I keep finding things I no longer need as I get more comfortable.


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