Surround Yourself With Beauty

Our Homes should be the one place we feel most comfortable.  It should be a place we can’t wait to return to.  I have never cared to stay in a hotel as the room don’t have much personality to me.  They don’t have things that make me feel as if I belong.  How do we find that feeling in our homes?  We surround ourselves with what feels beautiful. I love nature, so I fill my home with images and items which come from or depict nature.

Here is a plant I have near my bed. The container is actually a soup tureen from Campbell’s Pottery, a local business.  While I love soup,  I never seemed to use this so I repurposed it.



My home is filled with items that have been hand-crafted or repurposed.  Here I have two pictures I stitched in my hallway.  Adding the cost of the frames the total cost was about $10.

During the winter months when flowers have been replaced by snow and cold I enjoy gazing at these as I pass through my small hallway.

Don’t forget to look at your surroundings, especially outside.  During the summer months we pick wildflowers to add to a simple glass vase.  I use bowls of pine cones and squashes to bring the season indoors.



As many of you know my home was previously a hotel.  As such I have a long vanity which felt bare as I don’t use many cosmetics.

Here on  my vanity I have an oil lamp for those wonderful nights we lose power, especially in the winter with our storms.  A small clock I found at Ikea for $2 helps me to keep track of the time.  The aloe plant is my skin care.  After washing my face, a few times a week I break off a piece and apply to my skin.  It has never felt better!  It’s also a lot cheaper than lotions.  Finally the rock is something my grand-daughter found for me.



Craft fair, flea markets and yard sales are another great way to find beautiful items for your home.



This was a gift from a friend.  It had that natural feel I love so I was excited to add it to my home.

What makes this even more special to me is that it was made by hand by a blind person.  The details this person was able to achieve never cease to amaze me.

If someone who has no ability to see what they are creating can create this, just think what you can do if you put your mind to it.





I had an ongoing joke with my eldest son every year on his birthday when he was young.  He would  become so excited and begin to wonder what gifts he might receive.  I jokingly told him I thought I should be receiving the presents as I was the one who did all the work the night he was born.  After being by his wife’s side when she gave birth to their daughter he recalled this conversation.  A couple of years ago, on his birthday, he gifted me with this and told me he now believed children’s birthdays should include a special celebration as well for their mothers. This will always be special to me.



Our homes also need to have soothing sounds as well. This wind chime was handmade from recycled glass and hangs on my door.  The soft sounds the glass makes is so beautiful and the shades of blue complement my decor.

There are all types of wind chimes that I love, but being in an apartment I avoid adding others outside as I know not all chimes are pleasant to others.  This one is so quiet that it won’t ever disturb others yet adds just the right amount of music to my home.




This picture is another one I made, the frame I found for a $1, it was unfinished wood and using a little bit of stain leftover from a previous project I was able to personalize the frame and give it just the right shade to bring out the colors of the picture.

As you can see from everything here I started with a soothing neutral color on the wall, one that would allow my art work to be the focal point of my home.





You too can have a home that you love to come home to easily and inexpensively.   Here are some tips:

  • What colors are you drawn to?  If you aren’t sure, look at your clothes.
  • Do you like bold colors or neutrals?  If you rent, you may want to use a neutral wall color and then add the bold colors in your artwork and furnishings
  • To make a variety of art pieces work in, especially in a smaller home unify them using the came color on all the frames.
  • Eliminate clutter, hide things behind doors and in baskets.  One mother keeps beautiful baskets on top of her fridge to hold the various baby items and snacks she keeps.  When you go in her kitchen you notice the baskets, not the clutter of baby items they are storing.


Using food will also add beauty and some add a wonderful fragrance in your rooms.  With Easter just behind us, here is an example of using food to add beauty to your table.

What do you have in your fridge that could be displayed?


I recently decorated a divorced man’s apartment.  He had nothing to add to his walls and asked for my help.  I knew a little about him and knew he loved Van Gogh prints, music, and being in coffee shops.   His walls are beige and he wasn’t allowed to paint.  I wanted to distract the eye from the wall color by bringing in vibrant colored art work.  Using this information here’s what I did for his home:

  • Took several of his CD’s which had beautiful  vibrant art work on the covers, enlarged and framed them.
  • Went to the local craft store and picked up several prints and frames on sale. These included a Van Gogh, Jazz music scene, and a coffee print (for the kitchen)
  • Assembled a cabinet to store his DVDs and CDs in one easy to access place.
  • All the various prints were then framed in black frames.
  • I picked up a hanger for his grandfather’s guitar and hung it in a visible location.  This makes it easy for him to pick up and play while eliminating the need to store the guitar some where in the small apartment.
  • He purchased a couple of comfortable chairs and set them up in a conversational position to give him the feeling he gets when relaxing at his favorite coffee shop.


There are many great resources for decorating your homes. Check out Young house love and apartment therapy to name just two.


Isn’t this the look you want to have when you walk through the door to your home?  Our home should be our sanctuary.  Do you have a problem area, ask and let others help you to find the solution.


I'd love to hear your thoughts, won't you please tell me what's on your mind?

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