Your Dream Home

Do you remember as a child how happy you could be? We didn’t look at the home we lived in and cringe thinking about the mess we had waiting for us or the repairs needing our attention. We were satisfied with so little then. How expensive an item was didn’t make us want it.  With spring now here and many of you taking on your spring cleaning chores it’s time to take a good look with fresh eyes at your rooms.

If you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet, look at this time as a way to get in touch with who you are today. We constantly change, and our homes must continue to change as well to reflect who we have become. Stop and take a look around you. Are you still in love with the picture on the wall you see when you sit in your favorite chair? Are there things that need repaired? Do you want to wear the clothes you have in your closet?  If the answers are no then get rid of them. You will feel freer and happier once you do.

If you could do anything different in the rooms in your home, or the outside living spaces, what would it be? I’m not talking about spending a lot of money, only to spruce things up. Move things around. Take a look in your rooms, what could you bring out to show in another space that would make the room feel fresher? A coat of paint will change the entire feeling of a room, so does washing a wall. Slip covering an old chair will give it new life.

My last apartment had white walls, they drove me nuts. To add color I painted a few cheap dollar store frames in bold colors to display family photos. This worked nicely.  When I moved to my current home I didn’t like the painted frames. They just didn’t work with the colors I was now able to surround myself with.  Like many other people I told myself I didn’t need to spend money on new frames. I considered painting the frames a new color, but I knew I wouldn’t be happy with that solution.   This past weekend I stopped at Ikea and picked up a couple new frames for hanging my family photos.  The depth of the color on the frames made the photos pop and added a dimension to the wall that hadn’t previously been there.  Total cost for the entire area was $17. I went from a part of my home I hated to look at to one I love to gaze at.

Instead of seeing cleaning and decluttering as a chore, view it as a time to make your home connect to your lifestyle, or to the lifestyle you wish to have. Does your home take up too much of your time? By decluttering your possessions and passing on what no longer works for you you will save time maintaining the look you crave.

There is no perfect home, no perfect space. Even if you were able to build your dream home, there would be something you would wish you had done differently. We are never going to have perfect homes that are magazine ready, our homes are lived in and should reflect the lives of the people who share that space. Sure those magazine pictures are beautiful, but no one lives like that. Use them for inspiration then let your imagination run wild.

Have you ever gone on vacation only to dread walking back into your home afterwards?  Why?  It could be as simple as your home no longer reflects who you have become. Sure that comforter was nice when you bought it fifteen years ago, but are you the same person you were then?

Our homes should be our sanctuary, the one place we want to spend time in. This doesn’t mean we have to spend thousands of dollars on furnishings. If you fill your rooms with only those items you love your home will become the sanctuary you have always dreamed. So get rid of everything you don’t love and spruce up what you choose to keep, you will be happy to come home each day to the home of your dreams.


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