Giving a gift, can be a gift to yourself

Today is my daughter-in-law’s birthday. As a gift I offered to keep her two children overnight so she could spend an evening alone with her husband and be able to sleep in this morning.

This gift cost me absolutely nothing in monetary terms, but was much appreciated. As a mother with two young children your life and sleep cycles tend to revolve around the children. I couldn’t think of a better gift than one of sleep. What I hadn’t thought about in making the offer was how much I would receive as a result.

My grand children are three and a half years old, so they can be a handful, yet we had a blast and they were on their best behavior. We played games, read books, told stories (if you haven’t been around small children you can’t know the imagination they will have).

This morning we prepared a light breakfast of a homemade yogurt parfait sampling the fresh fruits as they were washed and prepared. My grandson had previously asked me to cut his hair, and since I had his parents permission, I cut his hair. with his sister helping as my assistant (as much as I allowed her to).

While picking up toys and dishes, the children became excited to hear birds singing outside and wanted to feed them.  I had some stale bread and gave each child half of one to take outside. We walked to the grassy area near outside my apartment and tossed pieces of bread around for the birds. It wasn’t long before my grandson excitedly let us know birds were eating from the bread they had set out.

We then headed out to pick up their mom and headed out for our regular trip to the library. The kids were, as usual,  excited by the new books they found. After a light lunch back at my place I took them home, as it was time for their afternoon naps.

This was a birthday in which everyone received something, all for nothing. Rather than buying a gift I will gladly offer this gift again next year. But I still wonder who received the better gift my daughter-in-law or me.


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