Give yourself permission to change

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A breath of fresh air

Spring seems to finally be here. My front door is open and fresh air is once again entering my apartment. Yesterday I pulled out my outdoor chairs and took a book out to sit in the sun and read.  My neighbors and I have started planning the community garden, at least our part of it.  Seeds have been started with the hopes of a bountiful garden this year. The birds have returned, filling my home with their music, as well as many of the other animals coming out from hibernation.

Spring is a time of change not only for nature but for us as well.  To be stuck in one place without changing is to not live.  Many years ago I had been busy raising my boys and it seemed life was something to survive most days.  I had my job, my kids, and my home to care for.  I was scheduled from the time I woke till the time I fell into bed, with many things left unfinished due to a lack of time.

Where are you stuck?

It was during this time a good friend of mine became interested in numerology and asked if she could do my chart.  I thought this would be interesting and agreed.  What I ended up with was a chart that showed me where I was heading in the next ten years.  It was a depressing experience.  My chart showed that these next ten years were going to be exactly the same, year after year. The same challenges, the same personality traits, the same everything. This couldn’t possibly be my life for the next ten years.

This woke me up.  It was time to again live each day to the fullest.

Life is an experience to be lived. From the perspective of time, we are only alive for a short period. Why would we want to do the same things over and over again, year after year?  Not sure how to go about making changes? Afraid to change?

Finding your dreams

Change doesn’t have to be sudden and huge to make a big difference in your life.  The movie the Bucket List is a good example, faced with impending death a man writes a list of things he wants to do before he dies.  Why wait until you die? Make a list of all the things you want to do in life.  Your list can be a way of showing you what is most important. It can guide you to making changes, little by little, to reach and live the life you always wanted to live.

Once you have your list, post it somewhere you will see it each day.  On the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator door…heck put it in several spots where it will grab your attention.  Once you post your list, you can begin to make notes on what you need to do to reach your goals.

Here was my bucket list.  It’s not static,nor should it be,  as I completed things I found I had more I now wanted to accomplish or do:

  • decorate a little girls bedroom
  • learn to frame my own art
  • see the New England area
  • publish a book
  • do something that will benefit others
  • crochet a sweater
  • learn to garden better (those darn deer have yet to learn to share my bounty with me)
  • learn to make a rug
  • learn more about nutrition
  • take a refresher course in sign language
  • learn to make jewelry
  • improve my health
  • become self-sufficient
  • debt-free
  • declutter my home
  • create a gifting account (an amount of money put in savings to give to anyone I meet who could use it more than I do)
  • find a way to live without a car
  • re-visit Taos, New Mexico
  • visit Ireland
  • move to a tiny home
  • learn to create a website
  • begin to lift weights
  • have a weekly picnic with family and friends

Starting now will motivate you to reach further

Don’t just post your list of dreams and wait until you have put your life in order to reach the biggest one. Start today, pick a small one and do that now.  I needed to brush up on my sign language, the library offered a free class. This was something I simply needed to set aside two hours a week of my time to accomplish. No money was involved. As I crossed sign language off my list I became excited to cross the next item off, you will be too.

We all need inner motivation because life can be cruel. Don’t let anyone, or anything, get in your way. Once you start you will be living life to the fullest, not stuck in the realm of “what if”.  You will be amazed by how happy you will feel and how your outlook will affect everyone around you. Try it and see.  All you need is permission from yourself to find the best life you can ever live.


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