What it means to love life

photo courtesy pixabay.com

You must love the life you live. Ryan Mitchell thetinylife

One of the many decisions I had to make when deciding where I wanted to be was whether or not I wanted to own my home.  I love the idea of a tiny house, so the quote from thetinylife  seemed appropriate today.

If you don’t love your life, how can you say you are happy? Do you love your job? The people you work with? The friends you spend your free time with? What would you rather be doing instead?

Loving life means several things:

  • Not living by other people’s rules
  • Finding the time for the things that matter the most to you.
  • Not worrying what other people think about you or your choices. As long as you aren’t hurting others you can and should be free to live your life any way you see fit.
  • Not waiting for tomorrow for what your heart needs today.
  • Finding time to pamper your self and putting your self first.
  • When you find your self smiling for no reason at all you know you are doing something right.
  • Living for experiences.
  • Letting go of negativity and negative people.
  • Not living of fear. Fear of the future is not productive, the future will arrive whether we want it to or not, fearing or worrying about the future will not change that.
  • Knowing you aren’t missing out on anything.
  • Being thankful for your memories but not needing material possessions to remember them.

Stop worrying about where you would rather be in life, stop, assess, and be thankful for every experience you have lived. Rules are meant to be broken, go out and break the rules that have been holding you back from the happiness you crave deep inside of you. You are worth it.


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